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10 Most Disturbing Things About Wizarding Society, According To Ranker

Harry Potter fans are eagerly awaiting the open-world video game’s scheduled December release Hogwarts Legacy, which promises to allow fans to experience Hogwarts and other parts of the wizarding world in ways they’ve only dreamed of, from boarding the Hogwarts Express to attending classes. There may only be a few characters the audience knows about, but the natural appeal here is to finally be immersed in the wizarding world.

Of course, while audiences dreamed of going to Hogwarts and being welcomed into the wizarding world, the community has obvious downsides. Wizarding society has several concerning aspects that make it seem like a less than perfect way to live. Ranker asked Harry Potter fans to vote for which of these things was the most disturbing and would make them think twice about joining the wizarding world if it were real.

Note: Ranking lists are voted by fans, live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten No one in the wizarding world can be trusted

The idea of ​​intimacy is a bit weaker in the wizarding world. Magic allows any witch or wizard to eavesdrop on distant conversations, Apparate into private moments, or unlock doors with ease. Sure, morally sound individuals behave much more politely, but that doesn’t mean everyone is safe.

Dark wizards, or even those who are a little more morally ambiguous, frequently use magic to deceive others. Gilderoy Lockhart stole the works of others by erasing their memories. Barty Crouch Jr. dressed up as an Auror for an entire school year. If it can happen under Dumbledore’s nose, it can happen in any wizarding household.

9 The education system is broken

The Harry Potter the movies revolve around a magical school system, and what it reveals isn’t heartwarming. Not only is the school itself extremely dangerous, but it doesn’t seem to prepare young wizards and witches for anything.

While mainstream society values ​​knowledge of math and language studies, it’s perfectly reasonable that a culture that evolved separately from Muggles wouldn’t develop the same outlook. However, it still seems like there should be more practical classes at Hogwarts. Science is still applicable to the wizarding world, and surely sex education should be standard in a castle full of teenagers.

8 Time travel is way too easy

While aspects of the Harry Potter the series makes it seem like a Time-Turner is hard to get, which isn’t supported by the fact that Hermione Granger was allowed to have one when she was only 13. She made it clear during her time travel to save Sirius that just seeing you could have catastrophic consequences, so the risk should never have been taken.

Hermione may have proven herself to be both gifted and responsible, but she had also demonstrated, alongside her two best friends, that she had little respect for rules. Despite this, McGonagall helped her obtain a Time Turner from the Department of Mysteries, and by the end of the year, Hermione had made up her mind to use it to help a convicted felon escape.

seven Boggarts are dangerously powerful

fantastic beasts demonstrated what a nightmare it is for the wizarding world to hide magical creatures from muggles, but some creatures would be considerably more difficult than others. Dragons, Dementors, and Darks can be dangerous, but boggarts could do the most damage.

In prisoner of azkaban, a Boggart turned into a moon when he faced Lupin. In The order of the Phoenix, another took the form of the corpses of Molly Weasley’s loved ones. All in all, it seems that what a Boggart can become is limited only by the imagination of its (barely weakened) victim. Therefore, a Boggart against someone who fears a global apocalypse could be disastrous.

6 Children are constantly in danger

While Muggles are used to a certain level of protection surrounding children, the wizarding community doesn’t share the same value. Even people like Mrs. Weasley, who often worries about her children, had no qualms about sending her children back to a school that was clearly one of the most dangerous places in the world. Harry Potter.

Hogwarts classes themselves often saw young students practicing dangerous spells on each other, and trips to the hospital wings seemed to be the norm for teachers and students alike. That’s without even considering the Triwizard Tournament, which clearly wasn’t a good idea even with its new security restrictions in place. Goblet of Fire.

5 Wizards may have already murdered muggles often

The words “Avada Kedavra” and “abracadabra” are far too similar to be a coincidence. Although this is just a theory, many fans have concluded that Muggles got their standard magic spell from wizards, meaning Muggles heard the incantation a lot at one point.

There’s no story about it (perhaps some oversight is to blame), but it still reveals a disturbing idea. If Muggles heard the incantation for the Killing Curse so much that it became a common phrase for party magicians, there must have been a time in history when witches and wizards murdered Muggles very frequently. .

4 The penal system is too harsh

While many witches and wizards spoke out against the prison of Azkaban, the strange building on an isolated island was still used as a means of punishing criminals for several centuries in the wizarding world. It was originally built by the dark wizard Ekrizdis in the 15th century, who used it as a base to capture and torture Muggle sailors. The things he did there were so dark that Dementors, formed out of sheer misery, began to spawn there in unimaginable numbers.

Criminals convicted of more serious crimes were subjected to the Dementor’s Kiss, which was considered worse than death since it destroyed the soul without killing the body. This punishment is far too severe, especially in a world with proof of a soul and an afterlife.

3 Wizard trials are a sham

Although they live in a magical world, witches and wizards in the United Kingdom use a tribunal to determine claims from the legal system known as Wizengamot. They operate within a judicial system, with a simple majority vote determining whether a person is innocent or guilty.

It’s an odd choice in a world where Veritaserum, Pensieves and Occlumency could be used to help determine the truth of a situation. Instead, people like Harry are left at the mercy of Ministry of Magic employees without even the suggestion of a very fair trial.

2 Slavery is normalized

It’s clear from everyone’s reactions to Hermione’s SPEW that the prospect of slavery in the wizarding world is alarming. The idea that enslaved individuals enjoy their labor and captivity have been used to justify the act for centuries in the real world, and it’s still going strong, at least in the 90s in the wizarding world.

It’s unclear if there’s a biological aspect to house-elves that keeps them attached to wizards or if they’ve just been brainwashed through centuries of servitude to believe it would be shameful not to have of master. Either way, there’s certainly no excuse for even the most generous adults in Harry’s life not to support Hermione’s move.

1 Love potions are assaults

Magic has the unfortunate potential to take away the autonomy of others, from the Imperius Curse to simple charms that make someone laugh uncontrollably. However, there is little more problematic than love potions. Half-Blood Prince demonstrated how the potion, especially those created by Fred and George Weasley, can make someone obsess over an individual they may not even know.

Merope Gaunt, Voldemort’s mother, used a love potion on Tom Riddle Sr for what could have been years, causing him to marry her and have a child with her. When Merope stopped giving him the potion, he was horrified and left her. Clearly, a lot of things happened in their relationship that he hadn’t consented to, revealing just how much of a problem love potions are in any situation.

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