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Royal Society of Chemistry Publishes First Diversity Analysis | New

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is one of the first publishers to collect and communicate data on diversity across the organization, launching its first biennial diversity report December 16. These new figures for 2020 reveal the representation of women, racial or ethnic minorities, and sexual minorities among its leadership, award and grant winners, and […]

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The creation of a unified society depends on all of us

In the United States this year, the need for social justice, diversity and inclusion has led to a national rally for change. So it stands to reason that companies are rethinking their approach to fostering a business environment that truly serves everyone. It is, after all, up to all of us to be the change […]

Society diversity

The Royal Society of Literature seeks to diversify in the coming years

On the occasion of its 200th anniversary, the Royal Society of Literature plans to make changes to improve diversity among its members and in the literature they promote. The Royal Society of Literature in Great Britain was founded in 1820 by King George IV, “to reward literary merit and to excite literary talent”. Over the […]