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Fallbrook Music Society moves to Mission Theater

FALLBROOK – Continuing its classic hit Sunday format, the Fallbrook Music Society announced its 44th annual concert season at the Fallbrook Mission Theater, featuring one of the most engaging artist lines ever scheduled. Ann Murray, Executive Director of FMS, said: “We have spent the past 12 months working hard to support our audiences with online […]

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The President of the Bar on the promotion of diversity in an elite profession

When Stephanie Boyce worked as a postwoman in Buckinghamshire, she often saw commuter trains heading for London. “I looked up and thought, ‘I’ll be on that train someday,’” she says of that time in her late teens when she “got by”, trying to work and study. His efforts paid off. Boyce, 49, became the first […]

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Unilever’s Aline Santos named Marketing Society Leader of the Year

Aline Santos, Brand Manager and Head of Diversity and Equity Inclusion at Unilever, was named Marketing Leader of the Year by The Marketing Society. Santos has been recognized for leading Unilever’s global marketing capabilities effortlessly and with inspiration throughout the pandemic, as well as for challenging gender stereotypes and ethnic prejudices throughout her career. Santos […]

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Cultural bridges with AARP | Asian Society

Thanks to a partnership with AARP, Asia Society provides multiple entry points for communities to learn about Asian cultures, traditions and talents. Asia Society’s holistic programming educates and entertains by creating the highest quality stimulating experiences from a variety of countries, cultures, perspectives and art forms. By presenting content relevant to our community and the […]

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Society and Social Problems | Cashmere amount

Society and social issues Posted on Jul 12, 2021 | Author Cashmere amount Social problems pose a serious threat to a large number of people in any given society. The list of current social problems in the valley is endless and must be addressed as soon as possible. The negative consequences of any social problem […]

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Use of drones in today’s society: from analysis to emergency response

It is the era of drones, and these unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. As drones evolve, industries and governments are finding new ways to use this emerging technology. TechNewsWorld spoke with several experts to find out how drones are put into service and what is on the […]

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“Everyone is welcome”: meet Georgie Windsor and the Cambridge University Witch Society

Despite the strongly gendered and stigmatized term ‘witch’, the Cambridge University Witch Society is a safe and inclusive space for all. Georgie Windsor, an archeology student at Hughes Hall, is one of the founders of the Cambridge University Witch Society, which started this unusual society three months ago. She identifies as a witch who practices […]

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Law Society’s diversity data provides the most comprehensive picture of the profession to date

Law Society’s diversity data provides the most comprehensive picture of the profession to date Posted July 1, 2021 Diversity data collected as part of the annual Certificate of Practice (CP) renewal process has been released by the Scottish Bar today. Diversity questions were first included in the PC 2020-21 renewal process, to better understand what […]