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5 questions for DC plan sponsors for 2022

Looking ahead to next year, DC plan sponsors need to prepare for a number of ever-evolving issues and threats, a new white paper suggests. “As we look to 2022, memories of the past two years serve as a motivation to focus our efforts on continuously improving the financial stability and retirement readiness of defined contribution […]

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City of Toronto opens new shelter with partner Homes First Society – City of Toronto

Press release December 30, 2021 This week, the City of Toronto opened a new shelter at 101 Placer Crt. under the direction of the city council to increase the number of new permanent shelter beds. This new facility provides emergency shelter and essential support services to homeless people in Toronto. The city’s newest shelter is […]

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The architect of the Russian presidential protocol reveals why “the French model prevailed” – Société & culture

MOSCOW, January 1. / TASS /. When modern Russia’s presidential protocol was still being worked out in the early 1990s, foreign models and national traditions were taken into account, former Kremlin protocol chief Vladimir Shevchenko told TASS in an interview marking the 30th anniversary of the break-up of the Soviet Union. In addition, he explained […]

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26 civil society members write to president and prime minister about hateful Haridwar assembly

Here is the full text of the letter: AT Shri Ramnath Kovind President of India Shri Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India To copy Chief Justice of India President of the Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha speaker Shri Amit Shah, Minister of the Interior Presidents Bhartiya Janta Party, Congress Party, AITC, BSP, Samajwadi Party, CPI (M), […]

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Striving for Real Equality in Society – Richa Okhandiar-MacDougall

Richa Okhandiar-MacDougall, Principal Administrator at Converge and Art Psychotherapy Masters Student, Queen Margaret University Most people want a fairer and more egalitarian society, but it is a tough business and cannot be accomplished alone. Change, even positive, is scary. All over the world, and especially since the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement increased […]

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Opinion: Helping convicts reintegrate into society

Each year, approximately 8,000 men and women leave the Mississippi prison. But with very little streamlined assistance currently available and unnecessary government barriers to work, a large percentage of these ex-offenders will be back in prison within a few years, continuing to strain state budgets, families. and the economy. Danny and Christy Austin are two […]

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Cadillac and Driven Society team up for another evening of fashion and camaraderie

Tyrell G / @ unscriptedmoments For decades, Cadillac has been a staple in the black community. Not only through its elegant automobiles, but also through its countless initiatives that advance true diversity and inclusion as well as equity. One such initiative includes a partnership with Driven Society, a four-year brand that uplifts black creatives across […]

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New print-on-demand program from the American Numismatic Society

the American Numismatic Society (ANS) is proud to announce a new Print On Demand (POD) program. Approximately every month, the ANS will publish four to ten out-of-print and new titles as official POD editions, from recent monographs to early issues of series such as Numismatic studies and Numismatic notes and monographs. What are the books […]

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“The rise of the cashless society” – How will this impact the protection of electronic devices?

The future of money is increasingly called into question as more and more people start to give up cash. The current global health emergency has certainly played its part in the move towards the eradication of cash, with many governments and retailers recommending contactless payments to limit the spread of Covid-19. This has resulted in […]

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Civil Society Appreciates Release of 10 People Detained Under PTA, Condemns Continued Interference – The Island

LG polls may be delayed: poll monitors alarmed By Shamindra Ferdinando Yesterday (16), the head of the Election Commission (EC), Nimal G. Punchihewa, said the Provincial Council polls could not be postponed by Cabinet intervention. Lawyer Punchihewa stressed that there was no provision allowing Cabinet to ask the EC to postpone PC polls although local […]