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AEW Double Or Nothing Results: Jericho Appreciation Society Wins Arena Anarchy, Jurassic Express Retains AEW World Tag Team Championships (05/29)

Eddie Kingston thought the AEW Revolution was the most important. He ran into Chris Jericho in the opener and hit him clean with the Stretch Plum. However, this loss would just send Chris Jericho to the bottom. Suddenly, Jericho would break The Inner Circle to form the Jericho Appreciation Society and wage war on Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz.

He even started throwing fireballs at people and pretending to be a wizard. However tonight, he better trust his newfound allies – as Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and two members of the Blackpool Combat Club along with Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson are all here.

It’s Anarchy In The Arena, and it’s going to be a dangerous fight for sure. Justin Roberts said it best, shit about to hit the fan. There are no rules, ten men and lots of violence to come.

Arena Anarchy Lives Up To The Hype

This all-out brawl would start in the middle of the ring, while Wild Thing would continue to blast over the speakers. Kingston went after Jericho, Moxley after Mernard, Parker with Danielson, and who knows where the other four went. Wild Thing looped and restarted, as Moxley stabbed Menard with a fork.

Kingston had blood on him, origin – Matt Menard’s forehead. Moxley choked out Jericho on a scooter, while Santana and Ortiz hit a double suplex on Hager. Ortiz nearly fell and Wild Thing came to a halt when the soundboard was pulled out by Jericho. The crowd was upset, but the mad brawl continued.

Street Sweeper through a table at ringside would crush Hager, and Menard mixed mustard and blood as he brawled with Kingston. Garcia finally appeared and hit a piledriver on the steel steps. Parker had his face smashed on a camera by Danielson. Kingston was thrown into the merchandising booth and buried underneath.

Jericho took a knee from the back, as Garcia went to help Menard. Fans rallied as Kingston and Garica brawled. Jericho looked for the Liontamer on a table before it collapsed. Kingston would be thrown against a wall and Moxley locked in a figure four.

enough was enough

Danielson chased after Hager, as Moxley looked to create a weapon by removing the turnbuckle. Hager hit a suplex on the ramp, as Moxley used the turnbuckle to attack Jericho. Kingston and Garcia fought in an elevator, while Moxley whipped Jericho with a turnbuckle. It was unclear where Garcia and Kingston went, but Menard and Parker were on tables as Santana and Ortiz grabbed a ladder.

Moxley found a barbed wire plank, while Hager applied a wrestling hold in the ring. Santana and Ortiz dived from very high ladders through the tables. Moxley & Danielson landed a few strikes in the ring, the Hammer & Anvil Elbows on Hager & Jericho.

Eddie Kingston grabbed a jerrycan and doused Jericho. Danielson stopped him from lighting Jericho on fire, and Moxley would try to be the voice of reason. He was sent into the barbed wire panel, as Jericho & Hager took control. Danielson was nailed with the turnbuckle, but still sent off.

He would fight back, taking on two men covered in blood, hitting a running knee with the steel chair for a near fall. Danielson called to headbutt, before taking a knee bat. Liontamer was applied as Danielson was strangled by Hager – and it was a save.

Total Team War

Jurassic Express has proven itself time and time again as a team worthy of winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships. They have beaten any top team that has come close to them, but tonight they face two teams reaching title shots for the first time ever in the Tag Team Division. Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks have proven their toughness since joining together under Taz in Team Taz.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, meanwhile, teamed up before their time in AEW and really brought it all together. Their issues with Team Taz are well documented, and tonight meet them and the champions in a huge tag team match with gold on the line.

This one would start with a fight, with everyone leaving the ring. Jurassic Express hit an elbow curb slam combo on Starks, before Swerve swung into the match and hit the scissors takedown. Hobbs got the tag and flaunted his power – until Lee matched him. Swerve In Our Glory hit a few splashes, before Jungle Boy hit the hurricane.

A few diving splashes landed on Swerve, before Lee caught it in a double powerbomb on Luchasarus’ back. Hobbs nailed a few forearm shots, before Starks got cocky with a rope walk. Swerve would save Jungle Boy with a tag, before chopping Hobbs for a dipping uppercut to the back. He would sweep Luchasaurus’ legs, before lifting off Lee’s chest with a dive. Hobbs took the dropkick in the ring, but kicked out at two.

Jurassic Express continues to be unstoppable

Luchasaurus would regain control of this match, before facing off with Keith Lee. Hobbs and Lee hit a double chokeslam on Luchasaurus, before looking at each other. Big blows would be exchanged, sending Hobbs to the ground. Lee would follow with a dive over the top rope.

Back in the ring, Luchasaurus would go for a Samoan Drop, but Lee was too heavy. Hobbs took a high risk with a blockbuster double. Jungle Boy & Starks were given tags and Christian Cage was thrown down the steel steps by Hobbs.

Starks hit the spear in the ring for a near pinfall, and followed with Roshambo for a near pinfall. Luchasaurus had made the save and was planted with the Last Will and Testament in the ring. Swerve Stomp crushed Hobbs, before Lee & Swerve crushed Jungle Boy.

Hobbs made the final second save, before Starks hit Lee with the FTW Championship. Swerve was given a super kick in the ring, before Jurassic Express’ powerbomb combo for the win.

Who will be next to take on the challenge of the AEW World Tag Team Championships? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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