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Announcement of Kleenol’s 30 Years of Service, Commitment and Contribution to Society | The Guardian Nigeria News

Kleenol is a cleaning and pest control service provider, registered with the International Sanitary Suppliers Association (ISSA) of the United States and the Cleaning Practitioners Association of Nigeria (CPAN). Involvement with these two groups regulates our operations as well as professional certifications, provides the company with current updates on progress, and brings exposure to the latest cleaning industry technologies and standards. This ensures that our customers get the highest value that meets or exceeds the most demanding requirements for environmental cleaning and professionalism.

There is no doubt that for a business to be able to provide consistent service for 30 years, it must have the qualities to meet challenges, embrace change, embrace improvement and growth. Kleenol has grown massively to become one of the largest cleaning and pest control service providers in Nigeria today. With over 30 years of service, Kleenol has been able to gain so much experience and grow in standards and delivery.

During this time, the brand has branched out into other business sectors including environmental science, aviation, facilities management and construction, contributing immensely to society and the nation in his outfit. The company was able to reduce the problem of unemployment in Nigeria by creating jobs for various unbiased people and contributing to charity. Kleenol also boasts of best cleaning supplies in the companies such as vacuum cleaners, walk-behind carts, robots, pest control heat generators, dryers etc

Services provided by Kleenol include office cleaning and maintenance, industrial cleaning, janitorial cleaning, retail and commercial cleaning, facade cleaning, facility management, aircraft cleaning, disinfection and pest control.

having provided cleaning services for more than 30 years, the CEO of Kleenol has stated that “Technical knowledge and experience alone are not enough to satisfy our consumers. There has to be personal involvement and passion in the mix. This is why we carefully select a staff that is attentive and passionate about their work. We put so much effort into every aspect of our work. For this reason, we guarantee our work and support it with complete satisfaction”

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