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Asian American Trips to Houston: Dr. Sujeeta Menon

Produced in partnership with MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas and Yetter Coleman LLP

Originally from Singapore, Dr Sujeeta Menon found herself lovingly embraced by the University of Houston as she pursued her doctorate. in social work. She aims to return kindness to her community through her social work in Houston’s Third Ward and her fatherhood. Watch his video to understand the importance of southern hospitality and how Houston comes together to serve its communities without hesitation in times of crisis.

About Dr Sujeeta Menon

Dr Sujeeta Menon earned a master’s degree in social work and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Houston. As a registered social worker, she prioritizes social justice, social impact and youth engaged in justice. In addition, Dr. Menon focuses on de-escalation for young women involved in justice, trauma and evidence-based services/programs for youth involved in the justice system, the school-to-prison pipeline, the positive development and youth empowerment, social work education and grassroots education. His research has been published in the Journal of Social Work for Children and Adolescents, Child and Youth Services Review, Criminal justice and behavior, Journal of Social Work Educationand the Journal of Policy Practice and Research.

In addition to disseminating his research on numerous forums, Dr. Menon is the author of the children’s book, I am a social worker: Let’s support each other to advocate and recently launched a collaborative book titled Where social work can take you. Currently, Dr. Menon works as a program coordinator with Change Happens CDC and manages a new grant-funded program, VOICES, whose goal is to reduce the risk for girls in the juvenile justice system. Dr. Menon also operates a youth CAN (Create A New Beginning), which provides intensive holistic case management for youth re-entering society from residential facilities. For her activism, Dr. Menon received the Community Partnership Action Award from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in 2020.

About Asian American Trips to Houston

In partnership with MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas, Asia Society Texas presents a new video series, Asian American Trips to Houston. Through short video interviews with local Asian Americans, the series illuminates the voices that make up a vital part of America’s most diverse city.

Featuring Houstonians who reflect the richness and diversity of local Asian American communities, the series highlights a variety of experiences, cultures, religions and ethnicities and explores themes of identity, memory and shared humanity. By sharing these personal journeys, Asia Society Texas and the University of St. Thomas seek to build empathy and connectedness between people, as well as deepen our collective understanding of Asian American experiences in Houston.