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At home in Asiatown Virtual tour

Explore Houston’s Asiatown from the comfort of your own home! A feature of our Spotlight on Asiatown initiative, the At home in Asiatown virtual tours offer a chance to delve into the history and culture of a part of our diverse city. Using the Zoom platform, a local guide will present a series of stops highlighting some features of Asiatown from Houston. Throughout the visit, participants have a space to ask questions and interact.

After an orientation to Houston’s Asiatown centered on Bellaire Boulevard, learn about the history of Asians and Asian Americans in Houston. Next, learn about Cantonese dim sum tradition, including how and what to order from a range of steamed, pan-fried, fried, and baked foods including dumplings, rice noodle rolls, rolls of rice. eggs, congees and baos!

On the last stop of the tour, participate in an artist-led hands-on demonstration and activity, such as paper cutting or calligraphy. Get creative by following the instructions of a local artist to create your own piece of art inspired by different Asian cultural traditions.

At the end of the tour, all participants will receive resources and recommendations for a future trip to explore and support Asiatown in person.

On At home in Asiatown and Spotlight on Asiatown

As part of the Asia Society Texas’ Spotlight on Asiatown project, At home in Asiatown virtual tours celebrate Houston’s vibrant and diverse Asian and Asian American communities. Created as a gateway to explore the concentrated areas of businesses and neighborhoods belonging to AAPI, Spotlight on Asiatown highlights the stories of small business owners, delves into Houston’s cultural history, and makes it easy to sample some of the city’s best food.

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Additional At home in Asiatown Tour dates

Thursday, November 18, 2021
6 p.m. HC | Register now “

Thursday 2 December 2021
6 p.m. HC | Register now “

Thursday, December 16, 2021
6 p.m. HC | Register now “

Thursday, January 27, 2022
6 p.m. HC | Register now “

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Asia Society Texas believes in the strength and beauty of diverse perspectives and people. As an educational institution, we advance cultural exchange by celebrating Asia’s vibrant diversity, inspiring empathy and fostering a better understanding of our interconnected world. Spanning the fields of arts, business, culture, education and policy, our programming is rooted in the educational and cultural development of our community – trusting in the power of art, dialogue and ideas. to fight prejudices and build a more inclusive society.

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