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Bank of America Women’s Leadership Series


Tuesday, March 29, 2022
6 p.m. Reception
7 p.m. Program

In the age of food blogs, viral social media, and countless cooking shows on competing streaming networks, audiences have gained new accessibility to the food and restaurant industry. In many ways, this has allowed a more diverse group of female chefs and food bloggers to become famous. From YouTube personalities to immigrant founders of restaurant businesses, Asian American women have found new ways to share their cultural history and identity with wider audiences through their food and recipes.

Asia Society welcomes renowned food writer Priya Krishna for a conversation about the transformation of the industry in recent years, including the challenges of being symbolized as an Asian woman in the food industry, the impact of COVID-19, and how her food – and her writing – reflects her relationship with herself and the world.

About the speaker

Priya Krishna is an Indian-American food journalist and YouTube personality. She is a food journalist for The New York Times and has already contributed to the new yorker, Eaterand TASTE (as a columnist). She is also the author of several cookbooks, including Indian-ish, a cookbook she wrote with her mother. Krishna previously worked for Enjoy your meal and appeared on their popular YouTube channel from 2018 to 2020. Prior to that, she also worked in the marketing department of lucky peach, a food magazine created by David Chang. Most recently in 2021, she also wrote a cookbook with Chang titled Cooking at home: or how I learned to stop worrying about recipes (and to love my microwave). Krishna grew up in Dallas, Texas. Her parents emigrated from India to the United States in the 1980s. Krishna attended Dartmouth College where she double majored in government and French and graduated in the class of 2013.

About the moderator

Pooja Lodhia joined KTRK and the ABC13 Eyewitness News team as a general reporter in the spring of 2012. Before jumping to Houston, she reported at Eatel News Magazine in Baton Rouge; WLUC in Marquette, Michigan; and WFTX in Fort Myers, Florida. Some of his most memorable stories include the final space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral, Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans, and a loose moose in Michigan. She truly believes that every person has a story worth telling, and she is honored to be able to do so. Pooja was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has family here in Houston. She holds degrees in English Literature and Journalism and a minor in Modern Dance from Emory University in Atlanta.

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About the Female Leadership Series

The Women’s Leadership Series (WLS) celebrates influential and diverse women who are making a substantial impact in business and culture, locally and globally.

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The Women’s Leadership Series Steering Committee is chaired by Niloufar Molavi. Members include Nancy C. Allen, Dr. Dina Alsowayel, The Honorable Theresa Chang, Dr. Anne Chao, Kathy Goossen, Dr. Ellen Gritz, Richa Himani, Brigitte Kalai, Mandy Kao, Shirley Kwan, Sultana Mangalji, Vani Rao, Sue Sim, Y. Ping Sun and Rita Touma.

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