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Black Adam’s Justice Society Makes the DCEU Timeline Confusing

Probably the most interesting part that’s been teased about the DCEU black adam the film is its inclusion of the Justice Society of America, but their existence in the DC Extended Universe raises several questions. As the trailers have portrayed him, Black Adam is a true force to be reckoned with, so it’s no surprise that it takes the combined might of other heroes to defeat him. Fascinatingly enough, rather than using members of the more well-known Justice League, the developers instead decided to use the more obscure Justice Society. While this choice is indeed intriguing, several aspects of the Justice Society cause good confusion in the DCEU continuity.


As seen in the black adam trailer, the Justice Society consists of Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher. For someone who isn’t a comic book fan, these people probably wouldn’t be fully recognizable, as they aren’t inherently popular compared to Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. One of the main reasons for this is that the Justice Society as a whole was introduced during the “Golden Age” of comic books, a period (1933-1956) when comic books grew in popularity and the concept of superheroes was created. As such, many classic heroes have joined their ranks, with several of them being the original predecessors of well-known characters such as Jay Garrick’s Flash and Alan Grant’s Green Lantern. Essentially, the Justice Society has been around for a while. The team existed long before the Justice League debuted in 1960, which is pretty baffling now that the team has been brought into the DCEU.

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The whole story of black adam turns out to take place in the present day, the year 2022 to be more precise. During this time, the Justice League was formed and is therefore currently active in the universe. However, the Justice League team is technically a successor to the Justice Society, given that the latter came first in the comics timeline. With this in mind, it would make more sense for the film to be set in a time before the events of Justice League, but, unfortunately, this is not the case. This causes a lot of confusion in terms of the DCEU and its cohesion with its related films and source material, as the introduction of the Justice Society now has the timeline seemingly skewed.

How The Justice Society Can Exist Without Breaking The DCEU Timeline

There could be a solution to this problematic situation caused by the existence of the Society. To find it, it is important to consider the next film of 2023 the flashwhose plot could hold the key to solving this problem. the flash has been teased in the past to feature the ever-popular comedic story of Breaking point, which features a story about the Flash deliberately changing the outcome of a past event and returning to an alternate future as a result. The story of the flash will inevitably introduce the concept of the multiverse to the DCEU, which could be a surefire way to give the Justice Society a better chance at existence without further altering the current timeline.

In the era before many major DC comics events such as Crisis On Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, and DC Rebirth, the Justice Society has already been moved from the original timeline (Earth-1) to another known dimension. as Earth-2. This is where they ruled as the resident superhero team while the Justice League retained said title on Earth-1. If the multiverse is confirmed to be added to the equation, then the entire timeline could be saved by doing one simple thing: have black adam be set to a DCEU version of Earth-2 (as in a different version of The Batman Earth-2 confirmed in 2022). However, based on the content and plots of other films (above all Shazam!), the execution of this is unfortunately impossible to achieve without further compromising continuity.

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