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Bringing Dark Art Into Everyday Objects: Pretty Dope Society Elevates Representation

Backpack and changing bag. Source: Pretty Dope Society

Charlotte, NC: As the corporate conversation about representation and diversity reaches stratospheric levels, an entrepreneur takes action when it comes to retail. In an effort to bring black art to life, founder Chrishonda “Queen Chri” Benson has cultivated a collection of bags, accessories and housewares, incorporating designs by black artists.

Since 2020, Pretty Dope Society has sold thousands of products to fill the void in representation and bring smiles and dialogue to all customers. Diaper bags, travel bags, blankets, drinkware, etc., these items are more than just physical objects; they ignite the eternal culture and creativity that is black art. For this e-commerce brand, being able to present the black community with intentional products visually and emotionally means everything.

Seeing a glow of yourself when you shop has long been a challenge for blacks in our society. This reality is especially true for young girls and boys of color who have gone through their entire academic careers without having a teacher or counselor with whom they can identify culturally. Pretty Dope Society was formed to present advanced performance and provide families with the opportunity for their children to be celebrated on merchandise. While many department stores are just starting to come to terms with the lack of diversity in their product design, the options available are still scarce.

“As we move in the right direction, Pretty Dope Society is taking the lead in highlighting excellence not only of black individuals in their admiral traits, but also of black artists who use their talents for such a movement. When children are able to see themselves as the main character in their book of life, it is amazing how they increase in self-esteem and self-esteem. Pretty Dope Society is committed to expanding the dark narrative to high levels with quality selections that help children and adults feel seen, celebrated and understood.

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Source: Pretty Dope Society