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Srettha Thavisin, CEO / President of Sansiri, left, and Renaud Meyer, UNDP Thailand Resident Representative, work to promote equality. Photos courtesy of Sansiri

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the LGBTI community and to commemorate the continued pursuit of equal justice.

Real estate developer Sansiri PCL has championed her cause over the years, which has actively promoted gender equality within her own organization since its founding.

Sansiri further demonstrated its unwavering support for LGBTI by becoming the first Thai company to adhere to the United Nations Global Standards of Business Conduct to eliminate discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and queers.

To celebrate Pride Month, Sansiri is supporting its “Live Equally” campaign which is part of last year’s successful “Everybody’s Family” campaign in which the company has partnered with banks to offer all types of home loans to their LGBTI customers.

It is a timely event where it has partnered with UNDP Thailand and 15 leading lifestyle, sports, banking, electric vehicle charging and SME partners to launch the month-long festivities event.

Sansiri will organize activities to promote equality, not only for LGBTI communities but for society in general, with art installations, podcasts and more. Encouraging the practice of equality in society under the theme “Equality Circle” will serve to reflect the symbol of equality during Pride Month.

Sansiri PR

Sansiri and UNDP share the vision of “equality in all dimensions, embracing diversity and acceptance in society,” which the company hopes to actively promote.

Srettha Thavisin, CEO and President of Sansiri, said the aim is to play an important role in encouraging Thai society to embrace LGBTI communities and in doing so create equality in the rest of society.

“In addition to broad acceptance of LGBTI people, Sansiri believes equality should be practiced in all areas. We place great importance on gender equality in the workplace and advocate for policies within the organization that benefit everyone, regardless of race or gender. access to everything needed to improve their lives, which includes everyone’s desire to own a home, ”said Srettha.

He said Sansiri has worked with prominent banking partners such as Siam Commercial Bank over the past year to help members of the LGBTI community and others own Sansiri homes.

Sansiri celebrates Pride Month in June. Sansiri PR

“Covid-19 has raised a new set of challenges for all of us. We must especially stress the need to support and provide equal opportunities for those who have been hit hard by the pandemic. We must work collectively to achieve this because all sectors of our society are involved. This includes the equal right to have access to investments to generate income for all at all levels of society. For a company to truly practice equality, it must first start within the organization.

“That is why I would like to thank our 15 partners who came together for this campaign who see the value of equality and who help to move this movement forward. We hope that this cooperation will become a spark for other organizations eventually open up and accept diversity in our society and create equality in all dimensions of their work until it becomes the norm in our society. “

Srettha said that today’s Thai society has become more open to embracing individuality, paving the way for diversity and equality. According to him, this is a step in the right direction, as more and more companies realize the importance of equality.

“I believe it is our duty as home builders to provide the right environment for both our staff and our current and potential customers. This is what drives us to make our campaign bigger and better every year. on equality for LGBTI people because it also includes people from all walks of life.

“This can include income inequality or the inability to access a home purchase or an investment loan. The pandemic has exacerbated the inequalities that already prevailed in our society. Nonetheless, it is our duty to provide people with what they can afford. As we say at Sansiri, our product has to be accessible, which means that the houses have to be offered at an attractive and affordable price, maybe smaller in size but a house all the same for everyone. This has always been our philosophy.

Sansiri celebrates Pride Month with art installations and activities. Sansiri PR

Srettha said he is advocating for people from all walks of life to get vaccinated during the pandemic, without bias or discrimination.

He took offense at reports that influential people could have been vaccinated before those most in need.

“This egocentric attitude annoys me,” said the outspoken executive. “It makes my blood boil to see individuals cut the line to receive their jab. Not only do they not deserve it, but they flaunt themselves by receiving it on social media. This behavior is totally. unacceptable to me.

“So this fits in with our campaign to lead our lives with the principles of equality, both for LGBTI communities and for society as a whole.”

Renaud Meyer, UNDP Resident Representative in Thailand, said promoting gender equality, diversity and social inclusion is a key component of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of UNDP’s mandate, which makes the “Live Fairly” campaign all the more important.

He said Sansiri is one of UNDP Thailand’s strongest business partners, largely due to its commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

He believes their exemplary dedication to the cause will strongly encourage and influence other companies to follow suit.

“Sansiri has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting LGBTI rights not only within his company but also in its supply chain, partners and the community in which they operate. It is an interesting model for UNDP Thailand and a very good way to defend the issue of LGBTI Inclusion. “