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Candace Owens sees a plot to ‘destroy the fabrics of society’ in Minnie Mouse wearing a pantsuit

Candace Owens argued with a completely straight face Wednesday night that a new campaign featuring Minnie Mouse in a pantsuit in France is evidence of a progressive plot to “destroy the fabrics of society” and hijack the attention of bacon which she says costs $30 in the U.S. Speaking to Jesse Watters on Fox News, Owens appeared to barely contain her outrage. “I mean, look, that’s why people don’t take these people seriously,” she said. “They are trying to destroy the fabrics of our society by saying there are problems, so everyone is looking this way. Look at Minnie Mouse. Don’t look at inflation, Jesse, look at Minnie Mouse. The world moves on because you have it in a pantsuit. Never mind that you can’t buy anything at the grocery store and you can only buy a piece of bacon if you have $30 in your pocket. At least we’re tackling the real problem, which is Minnie Mouse,” she said. It wasn’t immediately clear where Owens got the idea that Minnie Mouse’s traditional red and white polka dot dress had been deemed a “problem.” Disneyland Paris and designer Stella McCartney made it clear in statements this week that the Disney character’s new outfit is only temporary, as part of a one month promotion to honor Women’s History Month in March and Disney’s 30th anniversary of its Parisian theme park.