Society features

Civil society: a driving force

It is significant that HED very recently organized a two-day conference on the central theme NEP 2020: preparation and implementation. The report of the debates published in GK 4e July 2022 is now in the public domain.

The HED should have assessed the goals of the conference as they relate to readiness for implementation. The organizers hesitated to invite chambers of commerce and industry, DICs, heads of technical education establishments, students, alumni, local craft organizations, civil society, etc. on a common platform for conversation with the academy.

The new education policy adopts an integrated approach where different stakeholders have a broader framework to share their preparations for the implementation of the policy.

This article is part of the observation of the approaches vis-à-vis the theoretical discussions which today have the least scope. The conceptual framework for the policy has been discussed for more than half a decade.

A simple argument made is that the panel experts/subject matter specialists should have engaged participants in case studies of identified strategies and designed models for policy implementation. However, preparation for implementation must now be at the center of any workshop.