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company selects sprayer innovations | Cultures

The applicator can be equipped with liquid delivery systems, dry pneumatics or dry centrifuges. The result is a single, versatile solution for year-round application of liquid or dry nutrients, crop protection products and cover crop seeding, AGCO said.

CaseIH Patriot 50 Series Sprayers

The Case IH Patriot 50 Series line of sprayers has been completely redesigned. Case IH flagship equipment is designed around a range of integrated and connected solutions. According to Case IH, this enables the next steps towards remote management and optimization of machinery, data, diagnostics, agronomic inputs and other resources.

The redesign also provides a platform for the future integration of evolving chemical application and vehicle control technologies to further improve application consistency and accuracy, input reduction through agriculture of accuracy and management of micro-sites, the company said.

See and spray Select

John Deere See & Spray Select provides spot spraying of weeds on fallow land. It uses camera and control technology to differentiate color on fallow land, detect weeds and spray them locally. Targeted spray application has similar success rates to broadcast spraying while applying an average of 77% less herbicide, according to John Deere.

See & Spray Select provides a single machine with seamless switching between spot and broadcast spray applications while offering optimal performance, diagnostics and data management, according to the company.