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Congressional rivals try to divide society along caste, religious lines; Ignoring People’s Problems: Priyanka Gandhi | India News

SONBHADRA (UP): Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday accused rival parties of trying to divide people according to caste and religion, and ignoring their problems like inflation and the unemployment.
Targeting the ruling BJP, she said it was the government’s duty to alleviate the problems of the public, but in Uttar Pradesh the problem of stray cattle was created by government policies.
Addressing a public meeting here, Vadra said: “Elections are a time (for the public) to assess which party should come to power to serve the people in the next five years. However, parties like the BJP, BSP and Samajwadi Party are trying to divide the society along caste and religion, for this reason people’s real problems like inflation, lack of jobs and lack of amenities are overlooked.
“The greatest strength of a democracy is the vote, which can make or destroy your future. Voters need to be aware and vote for people who are ready to work for you around the clock,” she said.
The Congress leader said her party granted forest rights to tribals but they are now being bulldozed off their lands. She also mentioned the Umbha massacre in July 2019 in which 11 tribals were killed and accused the administration and the police of inaction.
Vadra blamed the policies of the Uttar Pradesh government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the problem of stray cattle in the state.
“It is the duty of those in power to alleviate the problems of the people, but in UP the problem of stray livestock has been caused by the policies of the government. Our government in Chhattisgarh has managed to solve this problem,” said the leader of Congress.
Vadra said the BJP government has not provided people with jobs for the past five years and is only promising to do so now when the elections are held.
The BJP claims it gives people a free ration and deposits money into their accounts, she said.
“You have to understand the mindset that they (the BJP) will never give you jobs. The government has done nothing to promote agriculture and small industries which generate a lot of jobs. on the other hand, they haven’t even given government jobs for the past five years and are now promising you jobs,” she added.
Vadra reiterated his party’s election promises.
“We will solve the problem of stray cattle and provide compensation of Rs 3,000 per acre in case your crop is destroyed by stray cattle. We will buy sugar cane for Rs 400 per quintal. To generate employment for women , we will ensure 25% reservation in the recruitment of women in the police,” she said.
“Eight lakh jobs will be provided for women,” she said.
Vadra said Congress will ensure that any officer who fails to register an FIR in a case related to a crime against women is suspended, free travel for women on government buses, and provides free cell phones and scooters to girls.
The Congress will also provide loans of Rs 5 lakh to those who wish to set up their own business, she said.
Voting will take place in Sonbhadra during the seventh and final phase of elections on March 7.