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Cultural bridges with AARP | Asian Society

Thanks to a partnership with AARP, Asia Society provides multiple entry points for communities to learn about Asian cultures, traditions and talents. Asia Society’s holistic programming educates and entertains by creating the highest quality stimulating experiences from a variety of countries, cultures, perspectives and art forms. By presenting content relevant to our community and the context of current events, Asia Society’s goal is for audiences to leave our programming with piqued curiosity, inspiring continued reflection and inquiry not only on diverse cultures, but also on our shared humanity. In our increasingly globalized society, having access to diverse communities and perspectives has never been more important.

Asia Society Texas Center will host six (6) virtual educational events taking place between May 2021 and November 2021, available to AARP members and others (subject to availability). The listed virtual events connect to AARP’s local health and cultural understanding priorities. Below are the courses offered and open to the public of the Asia Society Texas Center as well as AARP members.

May | Virtual tour: Shahidul Alam: from truth to power

Thursday 20 May 2021
10h in the center

Take a guided virtual tour of the Asia Society Texas Center exhibit Shahidul Alam: from truth to power. This pioneering exhibition aims to provide visitors with a nuanced view of Bangladesh and South Asia, explore systems of personal and collective action, and highlight the importance of self-advocacy, empowerment and the truth embodied in Alam’s life and work.

July | Let’s make mandalas

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
2 p.m. Center

Learn about the history and cultural background of mandalas, watch Tibetan Buddhist monks create a sand mandala, and create your own mandala design. Suitable for beginners – no drawing experience is necessary. Learn more “

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July | Explore Korean Culture

Thursday July 29, 2021
4 p.m. Center

Participate in an introduction to Korean culture by practicing simple greetings, basic Korean phrases, and learning about cultural norms. Take home a Korean and artisanal recipe to try at home! Learn more “

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September | Mid-Autumn Festival Cooking Class

Thursday, September 16, 2021
5 p.m. Center

In this hands-on workshop, learn about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival as you learn about traditional foods through live demonstrations and take-out recipes. Learn more “

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november | Japanese paper cut and modern art

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
12h Central

Enjoy an interactive presentation of the work of artist Kana Harada and the history of paper cutting in Japan, then use your own paper and scissors to participate in an activity suitable for beginners. Learn more “

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december | Visit Asiatown in Houston

Wednesday December 1, 2021
4 p.m. Center

Discover Houston’s Asiatown through contemporary and historical photos and stories. Participants will have a space to ask questions and discuss their shared experiences, allowing participants to better understand our interconnected world. Learn more “

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The Asia Society Texas Center education and outreach programs are presented by Wells Fargo. Generous funding was also provided by Margie and Joe Blommaert, the Cathay Bank Foundation, Chevron, the George and Mary Foundation Josephine Hamman and HEB. Additional support is provided by Friends of Asia Society Texas Center, a dedicated group of individuals and organizations committed to bringing the best in exhibitions and public programming to Houston. The Cultural Bridges at Asia Society series is presented by AARP.

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About Asia Society at Home

We are committed to continuing our mission of developing intercultural understanding and improving human connectivity. Using digital tools, we bring you content for all ages and conversations that matter to spark curiosity about Asia and foster empathy.

About Asia Society Texas Center

With 13 locations around the world, Asia Society is the leading educational organization promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships between the peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the West. Asia Society Texas Center executes the global mission with a local focus, enriching and engaging Houston’s great diversity through innovative and relevant programs in arts and culture, business and policy, education and community awareness.