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DC Features the Justice Society in a Series of Pre-Black Adam Specials

The Justice Society is considered the first superhero team in American comic books, debuting in the Golden Age of the 1940s, and they will finally make their big-screen movie debut in the upcoming Black Adam movie. of October. To set the stage for the movie and the Justice Society’s theatrical debut, DC will release a series of previously announced one-shot comic books titled Black Adam: The Justice Society Files themed around the members of the team who will appear in Black Adam.

The publication released new details about each one-shot, along with its main cover and photo variant.

Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Hawkman #1 Photo Variant Cover (Image credit: DC)

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The first of the planned one-shots features Hawkman, one of the founding members of the Justice Society who has been part of the DC Universe in one incarnation or another since 1940, and whose legacy has been part of the Justice Society virtually nonstop. since its foundation.

Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Hawkman #1 is 48 pages long and is written by Cavan Scott with art by Scot Eaton and Norm Rapmund, and color by Andrew Dalhouse. The one-shot also includes a back-up story centered on Adrianna Tomaz, Black Adam’s deceased wife in the comics, by writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Marco Santucci.

Judging by the tone of DC’s description of the one-shot, as well as Kaare Andrews’ cover (see below), the version of Hawkman and Adrianna Tomaz appearing in the one-shot will be based on their film counterparts (played by Aldis Hodge and Sarah Shahi, respectively), with the stories told in the comic also apparently based on their cinematic history.

In Hawkman’s case, DC’s description mentions that he is a “former leader” of the JSA, who will encounter a version of the classic Hawkman comic book enemy, the Gentleman Ghost. And for Adrianna, her chapter’s description establishes her as an archaeologist who inadvertently ends up working for InterGang – the Metropolis-based super gang known for using weapons from Apokolips to fight Superman.

Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Doctor Fate #1 cover (Image credit: DC)

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Other Black Adam: The Justice Society Files one-shots will feature Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone, all of whom will appear in the Black Adam movie. Each one-shot is written by Cavan Scott, with different artists featured in each issue. Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Cyclone #1 features art by Maria Laura Sanapo and Arif Prianto, and it will debut on August 2.

September 6, Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Atom Smasher #1 shelf hits, featuring works by Travis Mercer and John Kalisz.

Black Adam – The Justice Society Files ends October 4 with Doctor Fate #1, featuring works by Jesus Merino and Ulises Arreola.

Check out the main cover art and photo variant for each issue below.

Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Hawkman #1 is due out July 5.

Hawkman appears in DC’s first Black Adam trailer, enlighten black adam comic links of the jump.