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Asia Society Texas’ Encore Series brings you the best of our in-person programs, in bite-size form. Revisit highlights from events you’ve enjoyed live or sample exciting new performances, all from the comfort of your own home.

No-no boy (a.k.a Julien Saporiti) combine original folk songs, tales and archival footage to create an immersive experience exploring Asian American and Trans-Pacific histories, with music drawing inspiration from wildly diverse traditions: jazz musicians in internment camps, teenagers Saigon rock ‘n’ roll, Filipino cruise ships, punk rockers and church choirs in Chinatown. Addressing the present as much as the past, his work also touches on Saporiti’s own research in Texas and on the southern border of the United States.

In this Encore Series clip from his concert at the Asia Society Texas Center in March 2022, Saporiti performs “Boat People” from No-No Boy’s debut album 1942. This stripped down acoustic version emphasizes the beauty of the lyrics, telling the story of a Vietnamese refugee in Canada and the refugee experience of the narrator’s mother. Saporiti performs in front of a slowly zoomed-out projection of a monumental photograph of a Vietnamese refugee camp in Malaysia. The image, like its music, captures the scope of the story and the individual humanity within it all at once.

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About No-No Boy

Julien Saporiti aka No-No Boy is a Vietnamese and Italian-American songwriter and scholar. His multimedia work “No-No Boy” transformed his doctoral research on Asian American history into concerts, albums and films that reached a wide and diverse audience. Using art to delve into hotly contested issues such as race, refugees and immigration, Saporiti aims to allow audience members to sit in complication as the music and visuals open doors to difficult stories. Saporiti is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, the University of Wyoming and Brown University and has worked with cultural institutions such as Lincoln Center, LA Philharmonic, National Parks and Carnegie Hall.

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