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FLORIDA TODAY Awards at the Florida Society of News Editors

FLORIDA TODAY won two first place awards from the Florida Society of News Editors for our journalism last year.

Our division’s first-place winners were photographer Craig Bailey for sports photography and editor John Torres for Columns.

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The newspaper also won four other awards at the annual conference. These honors went to:

  • Runner-up for community leadership went to criminal justice journalists JD Gallop and Finch Walker for their story, “Leaping Great Boundaries,” which explored the growing diversity of comic book characters.

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  • Third place for Beat who reports to environmental journalist Jim Waymer for his series “Florida Manatees Die in Record Numbers in Man-Made Disaster”.

Manatee deaths:Florida manatees are dying in record numbers and it’s a man-made disaster

Overwhelmed rescuers:Hungry manatees overwhelm Florida rescuers. Is there a future for the gentle sea giant?

  • Third place for business pays growth and development reporter Dave Berman for his coverage of Brevard’s business in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19[FEMININE:[FEMININE:Some business owners support Biden’s COVID-19 firing mandate, while others have qualms

  • Third place to photographer Malcom Denmark for his background photography.
Three days after emergence from a marked nest, the nest is sometimes assessed for nest reproductivity.  Dave Williams and Dan Schaller, licensed under Marine Turtle Permit #067 issued by the FWC, assessed a nest south of Cocoa Beach.

“It’s always such an honor to receive recognition for the hard work of our team covering Brevard County,” said editor Mara Bellaby. “I love that our work has been recognized in such diverse categories, from photography to business reporting to opinion pieces. It shows the breadth of talent in our team.”

Exteriors of the Glendale Park office building at 1005 Viera Blvd., where the FLORIDA TODAY offices are located.

FLORIDA TODAY is a member of the USA TODAY NETWORK – Florida, which includes 19 daily newspapers. In total, USA TODAY NETWORK won 80 awards, including two gold medals and 27 first-place awards. Network newspapers also won 24 second-place and 27 third-place awards.