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Brian BrownFCAS, MAAA

The former SCA President and member of the Milliman Board of Directors is an active advocate for increased diversity in the actuarial profession.

The Certificate in Risk Governance® is a program I would recommend to all directors. Excellent program, well done DCRO Institute.”
Brian BrownFCAS, MAAA, Equity Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman

GLOBAL, ORGANIZATION, June 1, 2022 / — The DCRO Institutea global non-profit organization focused on bringing risk expertise to boardrooms and management, today announced the awarding of the prestigious Certificate in Risk Governance® at Brian Brown of Chicago, United States.

Brian is Equity Principal and Consulting Actuary at Milliman, where he worked for over three decades with insurers and reinsurers around the world. He is a former president of Actuarial Health Insurance Society (CAS) Board of Directors, where he led the Board in setting its strategic direction. He is the former Global Practice Director of Milliman’s Casualty Practice, where he coordinated Milliman’s Casualty Practice’s international strategies, including offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africaand Australia. Brian also served on the Milliman Board of Directors from 2012 to 2018. Brian is an active advocate for increased diversity in the actuarial profession.

“Brian is a well-connected, well-established leader in the insurance space with a true business background,” said David R. KoenigPresident and CEO of the DCRO Institute. “In addition to his global business experience, the Certificate in Risk Governance® enhances his board skills and makes him an even more attractive and effective board member,” he continued.

“The Certificate in Risk Governance® is a program that I would recommend to all board members, said Mr. Brown. “It provides practical examples of how to manage risk so your business can thrive. It highlights the pros and cons of risk and helps provide insight on how to shift the risk curve to the upside. your company. Excellent program, congratulations to the DCRO Institute,” He continued.

The DCRO Institute awards the Certificate in Risk Governance® to those who have finished Risk Course for Commissioners® – an intensive teaching program of 17 lessons and an assessment. The program design is aimed at current and future board members who seek to advance the governance of risk taking in their organizations and those who interact with boards of directors. Taught by some of the world’s leading figures in risk governance, the program features lessons from nearly 50 board members, C-level executives and well-known authors from five continents. No risk course for board members as solid as this one – depth, practicality and global expertise – does not exist anywhere else.

The fundamental duty of care of risk directors is to ensure that our organizations take risks well in pursuit of our goals and ambitions. This course promotes the fulfillment of this duty. Candidates can enroll in the Certificate in Risk Governance program by visiting

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