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From Brotherman to Batman at the Society of Illustrators in New York


The Society of Illustrators announced a new facility, The Artist’s Experience: From Brotherman to Batman to discover from June 15 to October 29. The exhibit celebrates some of the top black and African American artists in the comics industry and was co-curated by The Blerd Girlit is Karama Horne (Marvel’s Protectors of Wakanda: The Dora Milaje’s History and Training Handbook) and artist and writer Shawn Martinbrough (How to Draw Dark Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling, Thief of Thieves, Red Hood), whose work will be presented with more than sixteen other artists. This special exhibition showcases the works of independent and mainstream creators, such as Daoud Anyabwile, founder of Brotherman Comics, and Denis Cowanco-founder of Milestone Media.

The Artist’s Experience: From Brotherman to Batman

Also present are the artists Afua Richardson (Black Panther World of Wakanda, HBO’s Lovecraft Country), Alitha Martinez (Batgirl, World of Wakanda) and John Jennings (The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler), as good as larry stroman (Alien Legion, X-Factor) and Darryl Banks (The Green Lantern). Work of Ronald Wimberleyfounder of the experimental art journal THE LAAB (whose prince of cats graphic novel is currently being made into a film by Spike Lee), Khary Randolph, Jamal Igle, Micheline Hess, Sanford Greene, Eric Battle, Marcus Williams, Chuck Collins, Damion Scott and Robyn Smith will also all be on display.

Shawn Martinbrough says, “This exhibit is a rare look into the creative process of some of the comics industry’s most talented artists. It will be an eye-opening experience for fans. That was for me.” Karama Horne adds “showing the diversity within the black comic illustrator community was really important to me. From capped ‘Big Two’ crusaders to independent storytelling and even webcomics, he there are different artistic styles and I love that.

A festive evening for The Artist’s Experience: From Brotherman to Batman will also take place June 16 from 6-9pm at the Society of Illustrators at 128 East 63rd Street New York, NY.

The Society of Illustrators declares that its mission is to promote the art of illustration, to appreciate its history and evolving nature through exhibitions, conferences and education, and to contribute in the service of its members to the well-being of the community as a whole.

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