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Golf company Bicester Town Football Club raises nearly £2,000 for Dementia UK

A football club golf company has raised almost £2,000 for Dementia UK Admiral Nurses with a golf competition.

The Bicester Town Football Club Golf Society (BTFC Golf Society) held a fundraising golf competition at Whipsnade Golf Club and raised just under £2,000 for Dementia UK.

The money was raised through donations, a raffle and hole sponsorship.

Each Golf Society Captain chooses a charity to raise funds for, and BTFC Golf Society Captain Paul Pontefract has chosen Dementia UK.

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He said: ‘My mum has dementia and a close friend of mine from society is helping his wife look after his mum who also has dementia.

“Since the fundraising event at Whipsnade, a few guys have come forward and told me some of their family members have it too.”

There will be a check giveaway this Saturday at Hadden Hill Golf Club, where a Dementia UK representative will receive the gift.

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