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Hamilton County Humane Society Pit Bulls

HAMILTON COUNTY — Did you know that according to the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls pass their temperament test 87% of the time? This means they rank 4th out of 122 breeds tested, which means they are one of the most affectionate and least aggressive dog breeds.

The Humane Society of Hamilton County dedicates the entire month of March each year to Pit Bull Education. “I think there’s still a stigma around race,” said HSHC director of education and communications Megan Davis. “We’ve come a long way in the last five years, but I still think the stigma is still very prevalent.”

Approximately 50% of the dogs Hamilton Co. receives each year are Pit Bulls or bully breeds, or special breeds and 60% of these dogs are Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes. The persistent misconception that Pit Bulls are “aggressive”, “fighting dogs” and “shouldn’t be around people”, are some of the reasons why many local shelters and shelters across the countries contain mostly Pit Bulls.

“We’re just trying to spread the truth about the breed itself and that they’re not as ‘awful’ as so many people think. They are big cuddly teddy bears in many cases,” Megan said.

The Humane Society of Hamilton County provides many resources for Pit Bull education in March such as fun breed facts via their social media and detailed breed information on their website.

Throughout the month of March, Pit Bull adoptions are only $20. Pit Bull merchandise is also available at HSHC to support this misunderstood breed.