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Helensburgh and Gareloch Horticultural Society to Host Melissa Simpson’s Lecture

The former manager of Hermitage Park is due to return to Helensburgh in a few days to discuss her new role.

Melissa Simpson – who left her role at Hermitage Park in 2020 to become garden manager for the Dumfries House estate in Ayrshire – will give a talk in town to members of the Helensburgh and Gareloch Horticultural Society.

Melissa brings a lifelong passion for gardening and extensive experience to her role at Dumfries House.

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The house itself with its exciting and uneven history and its last minute rescue from oblivion by Prince Charles, its many and varied areas and its ambitious and impressive plantings are enough to interest everyone.

There is an ethos of sustainability, re-use of old materials and education in garden management, which will delight many onlookers.

Melissa will talk about her work in the gardens, which include an organic educational garden, pleated hedges, a 40-metre border of delphiniums and phlox, landscapes designed with lakes and woodland walks, traditional flowerbeds and many other features .

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The gardens are still being restored in several areas. Melissa will discuss her work in general, and installing new rose beds in particular, and there may even be some advice on choosing and caring for roses.

The conference will take place at the Victoria Halls on Wednesday February 9 at 7:30 p.m.
All welcome; admission for non-members is £5.