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Historical Society Conference with Tony Dutton and Luis Da Vinha

VALLEY CITY, ND ( – Season 21 of the Barnes County Historical Society Lecture Series features: Anthony Dutton (VCSU) and Luis da Vinha (Flinders University) “Three Approaches to Foreign Policy Making Presidential in the 21st Century; The Executive, the Magistrate, and the Maverick” Thursday, May 26 at 7 p.m. at the Barnes County Museum (315 Central Ave N, Valley City)

Political scientists have long determined that a president’s relationship with his advisers is crucial in determining an administration’s policies. Over the past decades, Presidency scholars have paid particular attention to the consultative structures and processes involved in foreign policy decision-making. Their work has contributed to the development and refinement of three models of presidential management to help frame the analysis of foreign policymaking: (1) formalist model, (2) collegial model, and (3) competitive model. This book analyzes the management models employed by Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump throughout their presidencies using a structured-focus comparison method that is framed around a set of general, standardized questions used to analyze a series of case studies. involving their policies in the Middle East. The book offers the first systematic comparative analysis of the handling of foreign policy crises by Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump.

Anthony Dutton is a professor of history at Valley City State University, North Dakota, USA. He chairs the Department of Social Sciences and teaches courses on the social and political history of the United States as well as on North American history and relations. A past president of the VCSU faculty association and a member of the North Dakota University System Task Forces for Strategic Planning and Faculty Benefits, Dutton was the 2014 recipient of VCSU’s Professor of the Year. Anthony co-authored Three Approaches to Presidential Policymaking in the Twenty-First Century with Luis da Vinha.

Luis da Vinha is a lecturer and coordinator of the Masters in International Relations at Flinders University. His research has been published with Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Comparative Strategy, Journal of Policy History, European Journal of Geography, Portuguese Journal of Political Science and Brown Journal of World Affairs, among others. Luis is also the author of Geographic Mental Maps and Foreign Policy Change and
Three Approaches to Presidential Foreign Policymaking in the Twenty-First Century (co-authored with Anthony Dutton).

All lectures are held at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum and are held in conjunction with Valley City State University. They are free and open to the public.

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