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Historical Society partners with HoPE to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion

They are planning a special celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month to coincide with this year’s Big Red Apple Festival.

The celebration will take place on September 24 at the Historical Society Building and adjacent to the Cornelia Library/Skate Park on Chattahoochee Street.

The event “will expand the boundaries of the festival and celebrate the Hispanic cultures we have in town,” says Audrey Davenport of the Historical Society.

Students from the Hispanic Organization for the Advancement of Education (HoPE) are helping in this effort. The overall aim is to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion within the local community.

“I’ve lived here for about 12 years now and as a Hispanic, Latino and Mexican I sometimes feel underrepresented,” Habersham Central High School HoPE chapter president Emily Pahuamba told Cornelia Commissioners at their August 2 meeting. She added: “I hope this festival brings our communities together and shows the importance of working together and showing this county a bit of the Hispanic cultures that are here in Habersham County.”

LOOK August 2, 2022, meeting of the Cornelia municipal commission

Organizers are still working out details for the September event. It will serve as a springboard for the Historical Society 50th anniversary celebration next March at the University of Piedmont.

Audrey Davenport discusses plans for the Habersham County Historical Society’s Hispanic Heritage Month and 50th anniversary celebrations at the Cornelia City Commission meeting on August 2, 2022. (live image)

“We would like to involve as many communities and cultures as possible,” says Davenport, adding that she is proud of Pahuamba for taking on a leadership role.

“Part of what we want to do with the 50th anniversary celebration is for young people and young leaders to help us with this event to help define it, design it and digitize it.”

Davenport asked the city commission to appoint a liaison to ensure the city is represented at the celebration in March. She also asked the commissioners for their continued support as the Historical Society pursues “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“To my knowledge, this is an initiative that the city is looking to do, to reach out to the Hispanic community, and we’re going to lead the way in this effort and we appreciate your support in this regard,” she said.

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