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Honor Society & Not Okay show the necessary rise of unlovable female leaders

The following contains spoilers for Honor Society, now streaming on Paramount+and Disagree, now airing on Hulu.

Movies honor society and Not good featured main characters with unlovable traits, including trickery and manipulation. These characters strongly represent the recent rise in diversity of women in media, adding complexity and depth to their roles. These fictional women circumvent expectations often tied to their gender and give audiences different points of view with a compelling story, even though honor societythe end of was very different from Not good‘s.

honor society showcased the competitiveness of getting a scholarship to an Ivy League college. In the trailer, Honor Rose (Angourie Rice) claimed she would do whatever it takes to curry favor with her adviser and land a recommendation to Harvard. Through her dishonest actions, she began to change the way she perceived others in her class and realized that she had been holding herself back from making real connections. She learned the value of friendship and received an excellent redemption arc. On the other hand, Not goodThe lead met a completely different ending.

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Honor Society redeemed honor in iconic fashion

In honor societythe main character’s story reflects two iconic characters from the cult teen movie mean girls, combining separate strengths into one complex character. Honor showed similarities to Regina in that she was part of her school’s popular “mean girl” group. Their friendship seemed to be based on closeness and influence at the start of the film, and Honor had no qualms about putting her friends in awkward or uncomfortable situations. His friends worked as minions to further his evil plans, similar to Gretchen and Karen.

Honor also showed similarities to the leader in mean girls. Cady was academically advanced and wanted to fit in. She stumbled down a dark path with bad intentions and lost her morals along the way. Honor had a similar experience in honor society when she felt guilty for sabotaging her peers. She was also fooled by the romantic interest, creating a powerful “all is lost” moment that was similar to Cady and Regina in mean girls.

Honor’s story serves a necessary purpose as it presents true atonement for characters who have gone too far. Not only was she betrayed by someone she had grown to trust, but she also realized the importance of being true to herself. Her scheming had kept her from connecting deeply with others, and she eventually laid down her arms and embraced the new friendships she had developed along the way. It reminds viewers that they are not the sum of their negative actions and that there can be room to forgive and move on.

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Not Okay’s fall for Danni was unique

Unfortunately, Not goodThe main character of did not receive the same justification as Honor. In the trailer and opening credits, the film warned viewers that the lead role was unlikely, and history has proven that to be true. Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch) was incredibly superficial and fake throughout the film. She had created an awkward situation for herself when she lied about traveling abroad to get the attention of her colleagues and family. The next morning, she realized too late that a horrible tragedy had happened in Paris the same day she had posted and lied about her presence.

Danni didn’t have a good understanding of reality, which was repeatedly proven in the film. She didn’t receive a redemption arc because she didn’t engage in any behavior that earned her that right. She exploited a tragic event for personal gain and used a real survivor of the tragedy to gain social media influence and followers. His behavior could be compared to Cher in cluelessas she was also a rich girl who manipulated others to create specific outcomes before ultimately suffering the consequences of her superficial actions.

Unlike Cher, Danni was never absolved of his sins. There were important moments in Not good where the public was supposed to feel sympathy for her, but they were short-lived and came too late. She claimed towards the end that she wasn’t sure she had learned any lessons and that all she had done was increase her self-hatred. Not good presented an important situation in which people sometimes fail to learn from their mistakes and reach a point where redemption is earned.

Honor Society is streaming on Paramount+ and Not Okay is streaming on Hulu.