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Houston’s Asian American Travels: Robin Wong

Produced in partnership with MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas and Yetter Coleman LLP

Houstonians have redefined cultural boundaries, not least through fearless culinary forays, and innovators like Robin Wang have continued to put Houston on the map as a destination for globally inspired and locally influenced cuisine. As one of three restorers of Blood Bros. BBQ, Wong and his team have been recognized by national media and James Beard Awards for their contributions to the delicious diversity of our great city.

Watch his videos to learn about the unwitting creation of an Asian fusion barbecue restaurant, his unexpected rise to success, and the responsibility that emerges when one becomes a public figure.

On the reinterpretation of the barbecue

On the beginnings of the Blood Bros. barbecue.

On accepting her Asian American identity as a public figure

About Robin Wang

Robin Wang is a man of many hats. He opened and ran Glitter Karaoke at Alief from 2000 to 2005, then worked mostly in Club Promotions from 2005 to 2010. During this time, he also performed gigs as a DJ, bartender, and being a Lightman. He then re-opened Glitter Karaoke in Midtown in 2010, which continues to be a big hit. His flagship business, Blood Bros BBQ, started in 2014. He hosted pop-ups and participated in festivals with the other two Blood Brothers, Terry Wong and Quy Hoang, until 2018 when they got enough support to finally open a boutique in Bellaire. To date, they have received critical acclaim New York Times, Houston Chronicle, enjoy your foodthe Smithsonian Magazine, Houstonia, Texas monthlyand others.

About Asian American Trips to Houston

In partnership with MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas, Asia Society Texas presents a new video series, Asian American Trips to Houston. Through short video interviews with local Asian Americans, the series illuminates the voices that make up a vital part of America’s most diverse city.

Featuring Houstonians who reflect the richness and diversity of local Asian American communities, the series highlights a variety of experiences, cultures, religions and ethnicities and explores themes of identity, memory and shared humanity. By sharing these personal journeys, Asia Society Texas and the University of St. Thomas seek to build empathy and connectedness between people, as well as deepen our collective understanding of Asian American experiences in Houston.