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How his diverse society fights racism

Skyrim is home to a wide range of races, from the local Norse population to Elves and Khajiit. How does racism appear in Skyrim society?

The world of Skyrim is populated by a wide range of races, from the more humanoid Nords and Redguards to the beast-like Khajiit and Argonians. However, the company featured in Skyrim is not entirely free from prejudice. In fact, the game makes its population’s struggle against racism a prominent topic throughout the game. character creation from Skyrim, with many NPCs reacting differently to the player character depending on whether it can be an elf or a khajiit. That’s not the only way racism shows up throughout the game, though.


Racial tension in the region is partly exacerbated by Skyrim’s ongoing civil war and Thalmor influence over the Empire. Between the presence of the Thalmor in Skyrim, the banning of the Cult of Talos, and the actions of Stormcloak leader Ulfric, the entire region was under intense internal and external pressure even before the return of the dragons threatened the people’s way of life. . life. With so many changes snowballing all at once, it’s likely that new conflicts will arise among Skyrim’s already divided population as a result. The feeling of the Nordic population that their standard way of life is threatened could have led to the demonization of any perceived “other”.

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Skyrim is by no means the first game of Ancient Scrolls series to present racism as an underlying part of Tamriel society. In Morrowwind, players could regularly encounter enslaved Khajiit and Argonians working for the Dark Elves. Many NPCs in Oversight would display occasional examples of racism in their dialogue, such as Dar Jee the Argonian, a Thieves Guild character who will often make offensive jokes regarding the Khajiit. The problem is much more widespread and prevalent in Skyrimhowever, likely due to the fact that Skyrim’s Civil War is so central to the game’s main plot.

Elder Scrolls: How Racism Against Elves Shows Up In Skyrim

Skyrim How Its Diverse Society Struggles With Racism Elves Nords Thalmor Stormcloaks Civil War

It could perhaps be argued that the Norse prejudice against Elves in Skyrim is the direct result of the Elvish supremacist views of the members of Thalmor. Members of this branch of the Aldmeri Dominion seek not only to unify Tamriel under a single governing body, but also to ensure that all positions of power are held by Elves. Thalmor NPCs regularly view the Nords as filthy and doomed to extinction. It is therefore not surprising that the Norse rebuttal to this manifests itself in the oft-heard assertion that “Skyrim belongs to the Nords.“The Stormcloaks, in particular, seek to oust the outside influence of power on Skyrim and on the region’s human population. In doing so, however, they also target Skyrim’s general Elvish residents, many of whom have been there just as long. if not more so than some of the game’s Nords. In fact, snow elves made up most of Skyrim’s original population, to begin with.

One of the most striking examples of racism against Elves in Skyrim appears when players first travel to Windhelm, the seat of power of Ulfric and the Stormcloaks. Rolff Stone-Fist stands just through the city gates, accusing Dunmer Suvaris Atheron of being an Imperial spy. According to Suvaris, Rolff roams the Gray Quarter – home to most of the city’s Dunmer population – every night, hurling insults and even threatening to imprison and interrogate them. In his view, the Dunmer side with the Thalmor by not choosing sides, and all Elves of Skyrim must work together against the Stormcloaks.

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If the Dragonborn is a Dunmer, Rolff will also harass the player, outright telling them that “their kind” is not welcome in town and taunting them about the color of their skin. A bosmer Dragonborn is also berated by various enemies throughout the game, frequently being told that they should have stayed in the relatively uncharted forests of old scrolls“Valenwood. Although the Dunmer make up a significant portion of Skyrim’s total population, especially given the number of refugees fleeing Morrowind, that doesn’t stop many Nords from viewing them as unwanted outsiders. On the other hand, Dunmer living in Solstheim in the dragonborn DLC also opposes foreign visitors, calling them “outsiders” on more than one occasion. The Orsimers are much the same, going so far as to react with hostility to outsiders who approach their strongholds.

Skyrim Shows Racism Against Khajiit and Argonians

The elven races aren’t the only ones facing prejudice in the land of Skyrim. The Khajiit and Argonians struggle just as badly. The Khajiit are objectively the rarest race encountered in Skyrim and are found almost exclusively in caravans camping outside cities. Ysolda, an NPC located in Whiterun, bluntly confirms that many Khajiit are facing financial hardship due to negative public perception. This causes many of them to turn to petty crime and theft for a living, which fuels the idea that all Khajiit are untrustworthy thieves. A Dragonborn Khajiit will also face plenty of insults from the more humanoid NPCs in Skyrim.

The Argonians, the only other bestial race among Skyrimthe ten playable races, are not much better off. In Windhelm, the Argonian population is entirely separated from the rest of the city, forced to live in the Argonian assembly on the docks. While this isn’t as big of an issue in most other cities in Skyrim, such as Riften, the home of Skyrim‘s Thieves Guild, where many Argonians have successful careers working in inns or fisheries, it shows how little the Nords of Skyrim trust refugees, especially those of other races. It is a widely held belief that Skyrim should only be inhabited by Nords and that everyone else is a threat to the region’s stability and economy.

The story in Skyrim not afraid of the problem of racism that plagues the region. In fact, it’s nearly impossible for players to get through the entire game without encountering numerous lines of dialogue that explicitly highlight the biases found among Skyrimits various races. Even some of the game’s friendliest NPCs, such as Lydia, occasionally voice points of view that only help paint more of the picture of the rift that has been festering within Skyrim. This division is an important part of the game’s overall story and will likely play a big role in The Elder Scrolls 6 as the conflict between the Elf-ruled Aldmeri Dominion and the human races comes to a head. It’s just another big part of what makes the diverse continent of Tamriel feel so real despite all the fantastical elements the series contains.

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