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How Netflix’s Spiderhead Explores the Real Problems of Modern Society

by Netflix spider head reflects on the private prison system, the ruthless, profit-driven machinations of the pharmaceutical industry, and how the most powerful in this country work to keep its citizens sedated. The film proved as popular with Netflix audiences as it was relevant. It debuted at No. 1 on Netflix’s Top Ten list, a coveted spot usually reserved for long-running series like the beloved stranger things Where The Umbrella Academy.

The film is full of top stars and excellent actors, including but not limited to Chris Hemsworth as Spiderhead’s supervisor, Steve Absenti, Miles Teller (Fantastic Four, Top Gun: Maverick) as Jeff, Jurnee Smollett (Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley QuinnLovecraft Country) as Lizzy, Tess Haubrich (The glutton, Alien: Alliance) as Heather and Angie Millikan (My brother Jack, the shark net) as Sarah. These actors are put to the test, like the spider head the script quite literally calls on its actors to run the emotional gamut.


Here are some of the ways in which spider head explores issues relevant to modern society.

Spiderhead’s emotional manipulation drugs

The plot of Netflix spider head revolves around a batch of experimental chemicals, which are administered by facility personnel. There is a history of mind-altering substances in fiction. Immediately, the drug soma, a widely consumed sedative consumed by the vast majority of the population in Aldous Huxley’s 1982 novel The best of worlds, comes to mind. However, the chemicals created for spider head are not entirely euphoric in their effects, but rather have the ability to heighten the prisoner’s emotional mindscape in a number of ways.

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Modern society is increasingly influenced by the effects of pharmaceuticals and other mind-altering chemicals. Whether this chemical influence comes in the form of an epidemic of manufactured opioids or the personal choices of a population forced into isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, sobriety is rapidly falling out of favor as a standard mode of operation for the American public. In this way, spider head proves prescient, as it is clear that clouding the mind of the average American would be beneficial to the corporate powers that be.

Pharmaceutical Guinea Pig Prisoners

The aforementioned pharmaceuticals, which have a wide variety of effects on prisoners, are administered with the consent of the spider head prisoners. Initially, it seemed like the experiments had a larger purpose. Later in the film, when Miles Teller’s Jeff breaks into the personal side of the Spiderhead facility, he discovers that the experiments he and his fellow inmates were subjected to were conducted for the sole purpose of testing a control drug. the spirit invented by the fictional Abnesti. Medications.

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Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of real pain and suffering underlying the fictitious pharmaceuticals in spider head. Medical experiments, from intentional drug administration to unwitting participation, give dodgy drugs to financially vulnerable guinea pigs who have signed up for a medical trial to make a quick buck. Pharmaceutical companies have knowingly given consent for addictive chemicals to be prescribed with reckless abandon to sick citizens, which is well within the purview of global pharmaceutical companies.

Whether the drugging of the American population is the result of indifferent corporate intentions or because citizens volunteer to have their free will, which comes with a multitude of difficult decisions and precariousness, it is without no doubt a reality of modern society. spider head serves as a fascinating exploration of the guinea pig status of the average citizen.

Spiderhead: Comply or Die

In spider head, the state prisoners who populate the experimental incarceration facility are technically volunteers who signed up for the drug program in hopes of having their sentences reduced. However, it quickly becomes clear that the prison, while allowing a certain level of freedom for its inhabitants, is actually made punitive by the spirit of the criminal. The American prison system still employs all sorts of archaic practices, from solitary confinement to corporal punishment. However, spider head foreknowledge about the realities of prison comes when it ventures into the reality of mental imprisonment.

In a world increasingly laden with spooky and seemingly fantastical horrors, spider head provides some kind of miserable solace to Netflix audiences. Contemporary American society is plagued by certain sects of the powerful pharmaceutical industry. It has a problem-ridden prison system seemingly left over from a much more barbaric time. Perhaps most pressing, there seems to be no escape from the problems of everyday life.

spider head, and other similar films, are able to turn relatable horrors into entertaining brief breaks from reality. Thus, the persistence of spider headwhile undoubtedly shocking to viewers everywhere, offers a certain perverse comfort, and much like the film’s character himself, audiences are subjected to a strange emotional manipulation while watching him.