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How students try to maintain a cultural identity in today’s society

Cultural identity is a person’s sense of belonging to one or another nation.

It makes it possible to apprehend the place in the socio-folkloric space. Also, it helps a person to navigate the surrounding world. Each person needs a specific regulation of his life. He can only find it in the community of others. This article explains why cultural identity is important and how students preserve it.

Why is it important to preserve cultural identity?

The modern world can often wonder why cultural identity matters. The fact is that there are many aspects of cultural identity. As people develop their ethnic awareness, they understand their individual preferences. They learn the traditions and how to adapt to the cultures of others. Preserving ethnic identification builds values ​​and beliefs. People become more empathetic. They begin to study different nations. When people communicate, they can share interesting things. Together they create amazing things.

In general, if people retain their folk identification, they may differ. There are many essays on cultural identity, and it is best to understand this topic. Such college culture essays can help understand your characteristics. Folklore and art increase the quality of life. They focus on the social experience of several generations. Through identification, people accumulate knowledge about the world. Through culture, people can:

  • express their creativity;
  • form their identity;
  • enhance their self-esteem in society.

If no one tries to preserve the essence of their national art, then all peoples will become the same, and the world will become gray and uninteresting.

Why popular identity is lost

These days, most people don’t want to discover their different identities. But why is this happening? The essence of ethnic identification is that a person accepts:

  • appropriate folk norms and role models;
  • value directions;
  • Language.

Ethnic identity contributes to understanding one’s own “I” based on cultural characteristics. The relevance of the problem of the preservation of ethnic identification has increased. The loss of ethnic identity occurred because of:

  • activation of globalization processes;
  • cultural integration;
  • expansion of contacts between representatives of different countries and nations

In the modern world, there is mass culture. It made people wear the same jeans, listen to music and watch movies. The damage of globalization:

  • national cultures;
  • traditions;
  • customs;
  • myths;
  • anything that defines the ethnic identification of a country or region.

Cultural identity and learning

People of different races or nations can often be bullied in educational institutions. People from other cultures are beginning to think that the right decision would be to accept the rules of the university. But it’s wrong. International universities are the best example to prove the importance of cultural identity. After all, when many people from different nations gather in one place, they can create together. They can get to know each other. Through communication, they take valuable things from another ethnicity and talk about their own.

How students maintain their cultural identity

The modern generation of teenagers is very aware and tolerant. But still, there are situations where people from another culture are oppressed. Thus, current students should understand that all people are different and have different ethnic identities. Thus, the students of each university can carry out certain activities to familiarize everyone with their country. For example, each university or college can organize an event where students must tell the traditions, myths or exciting stories of their culture.

Students can also meet and visit each other. In addition, they must communicate with each other and share captivating stories. The main thing is that modern students should not be afraid to talk about the fact that they differ from others in certain characteristics. Students from different cultures openly declare that they are from another nation and are happy to discuss it. Therefore, educational institutions, teachers and other students should support such initiatives. Then the cultural identity will be preserved.

Influence of teachers on the preservation of cultural identity

Teachers play a vital role in preserving students’ ethnic identity. After all, developing an awareness of ethnic identification can be difficult. How this affects education and interaction with classmates is significant. So it can be difficult for teenagers. Therefore, teachers should be aware of the extent. They should research each student’s ethnic identity. Not always, teaching methods can affect students’ academic success. Teachers need to understand that a student’s background can influence the educational process. So, if the student has poor grades, it may be the result of overthinking their ethnic identification. Teachers should interact with each student and develop their social life.


Thus, the preservation of ethnic identity is a critical modern process. If there were no different nations in the world, then all people would be the same and unattractive. Today’s students are very successful and happy to talk about their ethnicity, thus preserving their cultural identification. The key is to understand that safeguarding cultural identification is vital for future generations. After all, if we don’t keep our ethnic identity now, future generations won’t know what their traditions and customs are.

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