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The Stephens City Lions Club, in conjunction with the Town of Stephens City, is organizing and coordinating a citywide yard crawl on May 21, 2022. The plan is to gradually develop a strong relationship with city officials, businesses and residents to mark our yard-crawl as a local spring event in the hometown. The Crawl officially opens at 7 a.m. on Saturday.

The Lions Club seeks to strengthen ties between civic organizations and City Hall where connections between elected officials, staff, volunteers and highly motivated residents are established. Everyone can contribute their collective knowledge and skills to help create local events that continue to make Stephens City a very healthy community.

Stephens City garage sale sign promoting this event for the first time.

Garage sale vendors will be located at both Newtown Commons and Old Stephens City School on Main Street. The city yard crawl will measure one mile through the historic district. Main Street residents are also encouraged to empty out their attics, basements, garages, carports and outbuildings and set up shop on front porches to sell their own wares. “Between vendors and owners, there could be several hundred people selling produce Saturday within the city limits of Stephens City,” Dudley Rinker said.

Stephen City’s beautiful spring landscape, lush with hints of natural greenery and spectacular mountain views will provide every visitor with an unforgettable experience to take home and tell family and friends about. Spring is extremely pleasant and considered by locals to be the best time of year for outdoor shopping before the weather turns hot and humid.

Dudley Rinker, Chairman of the Stephens City Lions Club Yard Exploration Committee, said: “Business in Stephens City has intensified with calls for more retail space for this unique event.” There are approximately 90 allocated vendor spaces in Newtown Commons at the north end of Main Street. Townships are at 50% capacity, but rentals are filling up quickly and there is a need to allocate spaces on the old school lot south of the city,” Rinker said.

Currently, the Lions Club has leased spaces on the Old School grounds, but more are available, if needed. Vendor spaces are 16′ X 20′ and cost $25 per location. “Vendors can join spaces if they need additional space,” Rinker said. “If you register for spaces at the Spring Event and the Rt. 11 yard Crawl on August 13andthe cost is only $20 per space payable at registration,” added Rinker.

Vendor setup will begin at noon on Friday, May 20. Vendor vehicles must be removed from the sales floor no later than 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. Vendors can park in their paid space if they wish, but vehicles will need to remain parked until the end of the crawl when it is safe to move them.

The Stephens City Lions celebrated their 75th anniversary in October 2021 at the West Oaks Farmer’s Market Hall.

The event will take place rain or shine. Expect traffic jams along Route 11 (Main Street) most of the day. Watch for pedestrians crossing Route 11. Navigate streets carefully, as pedestrians are distracted by displays and may appear to be crossing the street without watching for oncoming traffic. Stephens City Police will be on hand to manage traffic control around the Commons and provide surveillance.

Yard Crawlers can prepare for the event by bringing small bills and change to make shopping more convenient, but can also get you a discount by allowing a smoother transaction for the seller. Bring bottled water to stay hydrated. Stash nylon rope, tie-down straps or bungee cords to tie up any oversized purchases.

For more information or questions, call 540-247-7662 or email

About the Lions Club

The Lions Club was founded in Chicago in 1917. The acronym LIONS stands for Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nations’ Safety. The Stephens City Lions, established in 1946, celebrated their 75th anniversary in October 2021. The Stephens City Lions Club is a group of men and women dedicated to the motto of Lions Club International, “We Serve”. Stephens City Lions Club members take a very active interest in the civic, cultural and social welfare of their community.

Stephens City Lions focus on programs and services for the blind and visually impaired; global health programs to control and prevent diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of vision loss in adults; organizing screenings for the deaf and hearing aid recycling programs for children and adults; and supporting other charities in the community. The club is also a proud sponsor of the Sherando High School LEO Club. LEO clubs encourage students to develop leadership qualities by participating in social service activities.