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Inaugural issue of Discovery Immunology | British Society for Immunology

We are delighted to present to you the first issue of Discovery Immunologythe latest open access journal from the British Society for Immunology covering new findings in cellular and molecular immunology.

Discovery Immunology is led by Professor Simon Milling, with the support of a world-renowned team of experts from academia and industry. The editorial team have worked hard over the past year to bring you a collection of high-quality articles written by leading researchers, describing novel mechanisms controlling the immune response.

The journal’s first published content includes five insightful reviews and one cutting-edge research article, covering key areas of interest in the field such as unconventional T-cell signaling in cancer and the role of inflammasomes in cancer syndromes. cytokine storm.

We invite our members and the wider immunology community to take a look at the first articles in our brand new open access journal below.

Discover the first articles

Jade R Hopkins, Bruce J MacLachlan, Stephen Harper, Andrew K Sewell and David K ​​Cole

Katie J Smith and Emily Gwyer Findlay

Samuele Di Carmine, Molly M Scott, Mairi H McLean and Henry J McSorley

Tara A Gleeson, Erik Nordling, Christina Kaiser, Catherine B Lawrence, David Brough, Jack P Green and Stuart M Allan

Laura McCulloch, Isobel C Mouat, Kieron South, Barry W McColl, Stuart M Allan and Craig J Smith

Sophie Curio, Sarah C Edwards, Toshiyasu Suzuki, Jenny McGovern, Chiara Triulzi, Nagisa Yoshida, Gustav Jonsson, Teresa Glauner, Damiano Rami, Robert Wiesheu, Anna Kilbey, Rachel Violet Purcell, Seth B Coffelt and Nadia Guerra

A note from the founding editor of Discovery ImmunologyProfessor Simon Milling:

“I am delighted to present the first issue of Discovery Immunology featuring innovative and cutting-edge research articles accompanied by insightful reviews from experts in the field. These articles cover various aspects of cellular and molecular immunology and provide excellent examples of the wide range of high-quality content we seek to publish in the journal.

“With the support of a fantastic team of international senior editors, we are delighted to continue to bring you new, high-quality information about how the immune system works. I hope you will join me in supporting the British Society for Immunology to ensure that Discovery Immunology becomes an invaluable resource for the immunological community and a leading journal in the field.


Discovery Immunology is an official journal of the British Society for Immunology and as such has joined advances in immunotherapy and Clinical and experimental immunology as a member of BSI family of journals. We are proud to offer a 20% discount on publication fees in Discovery Immunology for BSI members. All BSI members are entitled to a reduced Article Handling Charge (APC) of £1,680.