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Increase in psychological problems in society

Almighty Allah (SWT) endowed man with intellect and gave him the power to establish a system where other living creatures besides humans could also be part of this system. Man is an intelligent being to whom Allah Almighty (SWT) has given the abilities to manage the world order; and these abilities are directly related to human intelligence. The human brain has about a billion cells of different types, which vary from person to person. That is why each human being has different habits, psyche and nature. The human psyche depends on the environment around it. Its behavior testifies to the type of climate in which it breathes; what qualities support its neighbors; and what problems he encounters. Even his small choices or adoptions in everyday life can have a profound effect on his behavior.

According to a recent study, 50% of Americans experience moderate stress. Stress can be different for everyone, what can cause stress for one person may not be something for their friends. In common parlance, stress is called depression, which is a symptom, and is not specific to any particular class or age group, but the burden that is placed on a person’s attitude by the problems and confusions that arise in normal situations and events. If it happens for a short time, it is not a cause for concern but a sign of practicing human life, but if this disease or condition persists, it affects the human psyche. Symptoms of depression include anxiety, irritability for no apparent reason, insomnia or lack of sleep, or excessive sleep. Other symptoms include loss of appetite or food cravings, isolation and loneliness, feeling insecure, fearful and doubtful, and being overwhelmed. Also, stubbornness over something clarifies mental confusion which is a sign of psychological problems.

Any change in behavior caused by anxiety or agitation is an early form of mental illness that can be the result of a change in the hormones of the human body. This hormonal or chemical change occurs in people of all ages, especially young people who sometimes become so severe that they even turn to suicide. These emotional fluctuations reflect human attitudes and reactions. If these hormones are not maintained properly, mental and emotional problems can occur, including physical and mental fatigue or brain retardation. According to the WHO, suicide is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women.

Psychologists say that there is no single cause for the onset of depression. Financial problems, school difficulties, family conflicts or other reasons can cause depression in anyone, which leads to suicide in many cases. Psychological problems can also be caused by the lack of facilities and basic necessities. A better lifestyle is important in building human character which creates stamina and stamina in one’s personality. It builds confidence and helps solve social and financial problems. On the other hand, people who are deprived of these necessities, develop mental illnesses such as jealousy and unjustified criticism of others, which leads to madness and sometimes suicide. Likewise, one of the most common causes of depression and anxiety is the excessive use of computers and cell phones. According to experts, improper use of these devices makes the human brain cumbersome and has a bad effect on the eyes. So cell phone should be kept at least five feet away during sleep to reduce its effect on human brain and improve sleep.

It is appropriate to divide the current era into two stages concerning psychological problems. The global Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of the world. Not only have the world’s economic and social problems increased, but the world is also suffering from psychological problems. The pandemic has affected men and women of all ages. In 2019, the proportion of these psychiatric problems was slightly lower and it was easy to count them among the different categories of mental illness, including domestic violence, infertility, social segregation or lack of mental capacity, as well as the hereditary mental retardation. It was the result of an accident or trauma that caused a mental breakdown in the human spirit. Until then, stress and fatigue were considered the main causes of anxiety; depression was also a major problem at the time. However, after the Covid-19, the psychological problems gradually increased. The most common cause of this disorder is anxiety and depression. The disease not only tormented the man with nervous tension, but also led to mental illnesses including irritability, anger and selfishness.

In matters of human behavior, psychological problems are linked to desires, which place man in the race for the best, while selfishness pushes man to lag behind. Likewise, the habit of self-esteem and debasement leads to disorder. Among these factors is the fact that human beings are facing a new challenge in the current situation. This pandemic is changing the human psyche and the world is trying to embrace new ways of life. The main reason for the change in social maintenance is the pandemic which has created chaos in the society. Every human being is engaged in the battle for survival. The global system has changed due to the financial crisis and economic collapse, and the law and order situation has deteriorated; national integrity is at stake.

Covid-19 has crippled the human race and the world of thought. The world was moving forward under globalization and distances were gone and now it would be interesting to see what difference there will be in the world after Covid-19 ends. Will this pandemic have a permanent impact on our mental health? Thus, it is very important for each person to pay attention to their family and nature, adopt a happy lifestyle, engage in social services, spend time in a cool environment in order to reduce psychological problems.

(The author is Senior Researcher at Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University in Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir. He can be contacted at