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Independence – An Artistic Perspective at the Art Society


Keiba Jacob Mottley, president of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, right, and Chantal Quamina, secretary installing works for the exhibition Independence – An Artistic Perspective. –

The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT) is hosting an exhibition titled Independence – An Artistic Perspective starting August 24.

A press release said the exhibition will feature the work of 35 member artists with 45 artworks on display. The work includes:

Painting (oil, watercolor and acrylic) by Martin Superville, Kvita Mongroo, Rebecca Ferrier, Helina Chin Lee, Frances White, Kallicharan Bhawan and David Subran.

Sculpture by Simon Jacelon.

Photography by Christine Norton and Giles Pettipher.

Mixed media by Pat Farrell Frederick, Vindra Dhanraj, Plowden Corentin.

Jewelry by Denise Morton.

The ASTT said in a statement that Independence – An Artistic Perspective examines the state or quality of being independent. Independence is defined as freedom from the influence, control or determination of another or others. Achieving creative freedom requires free thinking and an unconventional approach.

Fertilization of the mind, he said, is allowing a human being to experience what cannot be seen, heard or felt. Visual art involves a conscious use of the imagination to create objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated for their beauty. Artistic independence (or freedom of artistic expression) is the freedom to imagine, create and share diverse cultural expressions without fear of censorship, creative interference or other pressures. An artist’s artistic freedom is the degree to which they are independent of outside influences, according to the statement.

The exhibition runs through September 23 at the Art Society, 3-7 St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, Port of Spain, Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.