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A tech company operating under the Hong Kong Smart Government Innovation Lab has launched a new solution which is now ready for acquisition by companies and institutions.

Digital communication solution

Description of the solution

The company’s digital communication solutions are ideal for organizing successful virtual or hybrid events. Their virtual event experiences are the right choice for global brands, midsize companies looking to attract clients from all councils, nonprofits looking to connect their funders, or event institutes. The solutions are designed for simplicity and performance – the solutions are browser-based, easily accessible and available on demand.

The solution provides an online space for engaging online event experiences for large audiences; it allows:

  • Dedicated business advice and project management
  • Large-scale digital events with up to 50,000 concurrent attendees
  • Fully customizable and unique event environments
  • Auditoriums with presentations, real-time polls and Q&As
  • Virtual exhibitor spaces with digital stands
  • Breakout sessions, digital networking and gamification
  • Comprehensive reporting and lead scoring

Application area

The solution has been designed to be applied in the fields of broadcasting, city management, climate and weather, trade and industry, development, education, employment and Labor, Environment, Finance, Food, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Law and Security, Population, Leisure and Culture, Social Welfare, Transport as well as Platform virtual events.

Technologies used

The solution uses the latest advances in cloud computing, data analytics, mixed reality, mobile technologies, virtual reality and virtual event platforms.

Use case

The solution enables users to create customizable digital events through a sophisticated online solution set in an intuitive point-and-click interface for large-scale events such as virtual trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, job fairs , etc

Experts guide users through the planning process and create the ultimate virtual event experience for audiences, without grueling video calls or online streaming platforms with limited customization options. The virtual environments available enhance the presentation of content through innovative design.

The solution is equipped with a managed service that covers project management, design customization and web streaming, fully customizable large-scale digital events for up to 50,000 concurrent attendees, auditoriums with live presentations, real-time polls and Q&As, virtual exhibit halls with branding opportunities and interactive booths for exhibitors as well as networking and interaction.

Market-proven communication tools are also available to support interactive communication and networking among digital event attendees. The solution also offers private chat rooms and public group discussions, private video calls (up to 5 participants), open video conferencing rooms, polls and real-time questions and answers as well as a platform form of virtual events with breakout rooms.

Customer relationships can be strengthened and new leads can be generated. Exhibitors can use their virtual booth in the exhibition area to engage with visitors using the personal avatars of booth staff members. Digital avatars can be based on individual images or clips of real people and are great for interpersonal communication.

Users can inform visitors and showcase products or content in various ways, including via a video screen on the stand, within a media library or with a detailed 3D product viewer. Booth interactions such as chats and video calls help generate leads and can be used to direct visitors to booth-specific content and media.

All user behavior, stand content downloads and general trade show statistics can be evaluated in real time and after the virtual event has ended. Individual reports make it easy to analyze and process contacts for lead generation and lead ABC scoring.