Society management

Knaresborough Civic Society wants to revitalize the town’s heritage

Knaresborough Castle. Photo Gerard Binks

The group, which saw a new committee elected last October, announced its ambitious 2030 revival strategy which sets out how to promote the natural and architectural heritage of the city’s forest, gorge and castle.

“It’s exciting work in progress, thanks in large part to the groundwork started by David Rhodes,” said Civic Society spokesman Andy Grinter, who insisted more help was needed. necessary.

“The fact is that the committee needs more members and more resources to carry it out.

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“This could be a fascinating and rewarding project for anyone interested in the future of the city, especially as it relates to the 2023 local government reorganization and can potentially secure investment and the recognition of the new unitary authority.

“If not, if you have skills such as the ability to decipher professional scheduling notices and evaluate design features, or have some social media flair, or find it easy to keep accounts simple, or if you are good at project management and more importantly you are inclined to allocate time, then please, for a whole host of reasons, consider volunteering with us.

Since the new Civic Society committee was formed, it has changed its logo, website and set up a program of events for 2002, including the first Civic Day.

“Our main objective remains to be able to finalize and publish our ambitious 2030 Rebirth Strategy which details how we wish to see the remarkable natural and built heritage of Knaresborough Forest, Gorge and Castle promoted at scale. national,” added Andy.

“We are quite shameless to say that as a civic society we want more people to share in the larger sense of togetherness and collective responsibility that defines and shapes our city, so we thought we would share with you a part of what we hope the future holds for us and see if we can entice new and old members to join us.

Anyone interested is invited to attend the Knaresborough Civic Society AGM on Tuesday 10th May at 7.30pm at the Center on Gracious Street, Knaresborough.