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Lance Collins of Innovation Campus appointed to the Board of Directors of the Society for Science | VTx

Virginia Tech’s vice president and executive director of the innovation campus, Lance Collins, has joined the board of directors of the Society for Science.

The Society for Science is dedicated to the achievement of young scientists in independent research and public engagement in science. The company’s vision is to promote understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human progress.

Collins’ appointment to the board of directors was announced on November 18 with Charles McCabe, chief advisor to the Manifold Fund.

“I am delighted to welcome Lance and Charles to our Board of Directors,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of the Society for Science and Editor of Science News, in their announcement. “Their diverse expertise and insight they bring to our organization, coupled with their deep commitment to the Company’s mission, will make them invaluable additions to our Board of Directors. “

Joining the board, Collins said, “I plan to devote my time to increasing access to society for girls and underrepresented minority students, who have not historically participated in STEM at the levels that they are. ‘they could if they had the chance. “

The board includes two Nobel Laureates and professors from Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and the California Institute of Technology.

The Innovation Campus, which will open its first university building in Alexandria, Virginia in 2024, has set itself the goal of being the most diverse graduate technology program in the country. Learn more about the campus’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in its strategic plan.