Society problems

Literature Has the Power to Solve Societal Problems | Staff columnists

If minds who study only what they have never known are barren wasteland, then those who stray into a diverse literature are flourishing metropolises. Recognizing diverse points of view expands the scope of our knowledge, allowing us to come across new experiences and different states of mind that are shaped by circumstances.

While it might seem odd to recognize our past issues with the present, the study my English class is conducting deeply recognizes how literature has changed, but haven’t the issues stayed about the same? Their shape may be a little different or distorted with age, but their roots are similar.

Having golden bookcases can be beautiful but it is not meaningful unless the novels are read and used. Leaching information from leather-bound spines prevents disease from creeping into society, actively using ideas that challenge the way we solve problems in today’s world.

The paper our predecessors scribbled their stories on provides answers to problems we haven’t yet encountered.

In Creveceour’s writings, he explores the definition of an American, noting his strengths and flaws. He finds society industrious but selfish, which also causes problems in our modern world. Being motivated does not mean leaving our neighbors behind, but rather that we can achieve our goals while exploring altruistic ambitions.