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Marsden construction company deploys UCaaS to improve employee and customer experience

Lancashire’s largest construction company, The Marsden, has enhanced its existing communications and collaboration infrastructure with a cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service offering that is agile, flexible and scalable enough to meet its immediate needs and its long-term growth.

The Marsden originated in Nelson, Lancashire on February 29, 1860, as the Great and Little Marsden Permanent Benefit Building Society. It currently offers a basket of financial services covering savings, mortgages and home insurance, and employs more than 100 people in eight branches and its head office.

Yet the business demands of financial services companies are changing, and strategic digital transformation initiatives have been accelerated for many by the pandemic experiences of the past two years.

After a comprehensive review of its existing communications systems, The Marsden concluded that its 15-year-old on-premises IP telephony system had reached the end of its lifespan. The company needed a modern and flexible service to meet its current needs while allowing for growth, as well as providing employees with a flexible remote work option and business continuity in the face of unexpected global events.

The Marsden selected Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral for its ability to host and record customer video calls, as well as store and manage detailed historical data for reporting purposes in a fully secure and compliant cloud environment construction company regulations.

The all-in-one, single-platform cloud communications offering with enhanced redundancy provides multiple communication channels for 100 users across all The Marsden branches and for remote work. It also provides complete call visibility for senior management, and was chosen for its ease of administration and technical support, with dedicated customer service management and 99.999% guaranteed SLAs.

Avaya Ecosystem Partner P&C Communications recommended Avaya Cloud Office as the cloud-hosted offering to meet The Marsden’s needs. After a review of competitive options, it received a project-managed migration of its on-premises communications service to the cloud from P&C Communications.

As well as meeting all the basic requirements, Avaya Cloud Office would also have had the added benefit of allowing free cloud-based integrations, including RSI Shadow Analytics, which enable detailed call reporting and real-time notifications. to complete registration and long term. storage needs of the construction company.

Cloud Office also allows for the addition of new features that may be desired in the future, allowing, Avaya said, The Marsden to adapt to any new business or compliance requirements through changes to its core configuration or introduction of new application plug-ins.

“Avaya Cloud Office gives us a flexible and resilient telephony solution,” said Brian Morrison, business change and IT manager at The Marsden Building Society.

“The administration, including the production of management information, was easy. Since implementation, our users have provided many positive feedback – they love the system and find it intuitive to use. »

Steve Joyner, Avaya Vice President for UK&I, said, “Employee experience and customer experience are inextricably linked, and the two need to be as simple as possible so that everyone can continue to do their job well. It’s great to see The Marsden empowering its employees…so they can thrive in the new dynamic and collaborative world of work with a communications technology platform.