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MyGate Covid feature: Covid features in company apps keep residents alert

The company’s management apps add Covid-related functionality to prepare residential associations for a possible third wave of Covid-19 as cautious residents increasingly rely on technology for their safety.

Apps like MyGate and NoBrokerHood add features like contactless entry with facial recognition, integration with Aarogya Setu, Covid-19 tracking, company vaccination status, and hospital links to help residents to deal with the ongoing pandemic.

“Our app created ‘Society Vaccination Status’ to make it easy for administrators to learn the number of people vaccinated in the company, including their daily help. Over 300,000 people in 10,000 companies have updated their immunization status, ”said Abhishek Kumar, director of operations at MyGate.

In addition, real estate developers are also rallying to hospitals as proximity to health services is now a key criterion for home buyers.

Over the past four months, NoBrokerhood, another company management app, has added 10 new features which also include a heavy duty QR code based guard patrol, SOS button, temperature controls for visitors, digital rental payment via the app and online grocery delivery.

“When the pandemic waves hit the Indian coast, it revealed how under-equipped mainstream society’s management processes were to deal with the viral epidemic. This was especially true for functions such as visitor management and staff attendance, which depended on either manual verification and record keeping or the use of biometric touch systems, ”said Akhil Gupta, Director of technology at

Experts said these tech-driven practices would significantly reduce the risk of accidental transmission by expanding the area of ​​physical contact between visitors, whether staff or guests, and the security team.