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New print-on-demand program from the American Numismatic Society

the American Numismatic Society (ANS) is proud to announce a new Print On Demand (POD) program.

Approximately every month, the ANS will publish four to ten out-of-print and new titles as official POD editions, from recent monographs to early issues of series such as Numismatic studies and Numismatic notes and monographs.

What are the books this month?

NEW BOOK! 600 color pages. Available in hardcover and paperback editions.

NEW BOOK! 182 color pages. Available in hardcover.

PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT. 717 color pages. Available in hardcover and paperback editions.

PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT. 992 pages in total! Available in hardcover and paperback editions.

Why print on demand?

Many popular ANS titles are now out of print. POD saves them and offers affordable, high-quality editions using the original design and images from the first impression.

Our print-on-demand books and journal issues are officially ANS-branded at prices often significantly lower than the resale market.

Occasionally, new ANS books will be published directly in POD form, saving readers time and money by receiving new volumes.

How it works?

Click on the links above to place an order, or visit the SNA store and search / filter “POD” or “Print on demand”. Click on the “Add to cart” button and proceed to payment. The 30% discount for ANS members applies to POD books, as well as new titles. Due to supply chain issues affecting paper availability, books will be shipped directly to you from the printer in approximately 2-3 weeks after your order is received.

* * *

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