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Pakistan Advertisers Society Signs MoU with Walee Technologies to Launch Influencer Insights Report – Sponsored

Walee Technologies recently acquired UAE-based for $8 million to enhance its social listening tool.

Below from left to right: Ahsan Tahir, Afsheen Rizvi. Top left to right: Ahmed Bilal, Qamar Abbas

One of Pakistan’s oldest and largest advertising industry trade associations, the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS), signed a strategic agreement with Walee Technologies on March 2.

The company is said to be Pakistan’s leading influencer marketing and social commerce platform with more than 100,000 influencers and 5,000 merchants in nearly 300 cities that served major global and national brands.

The MoU will allow the company to be the launch partner for an industry-standard Influencer Insights Report™ (WIIR) to provide timely, data-rich analytics to brands and agencies to assess, transparently select, manage and audit the performance of influencers in campaigns, and as ambassadors.

PAS’s service provides research-based support to local Pakistani advertisers, offering workshops, conferences and research briefings. The combination of Pakistan’s 110 million users with internet access ( and rising social and digital spending to over Rs 19 billion in 2022 in Pakistan (Statista), the creator economy is set to double This year.

“At PAS, we aim to showcase the best solutions Pakistan has to offer,” said Qamar Abbas, Executive Director of PAS and 22-year industry veteran. “We believe Walee’s analytics are a game-changer because they bring transparency to the influencer selection and management process, as well as guide creatives in producing more impactful content, helping advertisers gain a best return on investment.”

With the recent acquisition of UAE-based, which provides advanced content analytics capabilities, Walee’s social listening tool has been further enhanced. The technology can now analyze a creator’s content and offer insights into the various visual or audio variables that will drive traction.

“Walee’s influencer insights contain multiple dimensions of an influencer’s performance that are not available elsewhere in a single reporting format,” said Ahsan Tahir, co-founder and CEO of Walee Technologies. “We’re expanding coverage of traditional influencer and audience demographics, reach and engagement metrics, to analyze content elements of posts – from imagery, video and language, whether it’s are English, Urdu and Roman Urdu. For example, analytics can reveal when a creator gets a better audience on videos based on when they’re shot, whether it’s daytime or evening, or even suggest a choice of location, clothing, or style. props that could enhance audience engagement.

The WIIR also introduces Walee’s IQS, or Influencer Quality Score, which was calculated after analyzing over two million data points; IQS can help advertisers make comparisons to determine the right influencer to achieve their goals.

This feature has been beta tested with leading global brands in Pakistan to pre-screen potential brand ambassadors for national campaigns and provide a quick check for potential conflicts when an influencer has worked for competitors.

Holistic engagement rates have also been invaluable in predicting the expected performance of campaigns covering influencers working in major industry categories including music, tech, beauty and lifestyle and featuring prominent names such as Aiman ​​Munib, Mawra Hocane, Ghana Ali, Hassan Abid and Imran Abbas.

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