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Pierce Brosnan talks about Doctor Fate and the Justice Society of America in Black Adam

The Justice Society of America is DC’s oldest superteam, predating the Justice League by 20 years with a 1940 debut, though it’s only now coming to the screen. This team is led by one of its founding members, Kent Nelson, aka Doctor Fate, played here by Pierce Brosnan. sporting a glowing alien helmet, and can use magic, as well as the ability to look into the future.

‘I’m the eldest of the bunch,’ ex-Bond Brosnan star tells Total Film in new issue (opens in a new tab) magazine, which features Black Adam on the cover. “I’m sure he’s one of the oldest characters in the pantheon of comic book characters. He’s an archaeologist.”

“He has the power to foresee the future, to raise the dead and to teleport, while wearing a gold helmet,” he continues. Is the helmet essential to release the powers? “Absolutely, yes. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s almost like an addiction in some ways. It takes a lot of energy to wear the helmet. It was a very well-designed outfit and helmet, which I I like it a lot.. Jaume Collet-Serra is very inclusive in the collaboration, he was wonderful in the sense that he sent me drawings of the helmet, so that I could participate in his look.

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(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Another legendary comic book character will be Adam’s moral counterpoint. Carter Hall – Hawkman, when in superhero mode – is played by Aldis Hodge (One Night In Miami, The Invisible Man). “This brother has been around for a while,” Hodge says. “He has the power – or rather the curse – of reincarnation. So he has existed for thousands of years, even in the days of Teth-Adam, when he was originally in his previous form.”

For more on the cast and crew behind the film, check out the new issue of Total Film (opens in a new tab)also featuring articles on Andor, The Woman King, and more.

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