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Redlands University launches School of Business & Society

The societal orientation ushers in a new era, bringing together the offerings of the former School of Business and other programs of the U of R

REDLANDS, California, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In a bold move to prepare students for a changing business environment, University of Redlands officials announced the launch of the University of Redlands School of Business and Society. The first of its kind, the School of Business & Society integrates and enhances the University’s business programs to empower students to positively impact their community and the world.

University president Krista newkirk made the reunion and family weekend announcement to an audience of college students, families, faculty and friends. “The new School of Business & Society at the U of R is a strategic evolution that will help future business leaders learn to use their organizations to make the world a better place,” she said.

Thomas horan, Dean Senecal of the School of Business & Society, added: “The problems businesses face today always involve broader societal considerations. Therefore, it behooves business schools like ours to prepare students to become these new business leaders. “

This new school will build on the strengths of the old business school in seven pillars: determined leadership, social and ethical responsibility, diversity and inclusive excellence, and geographic information systems (GIS) and society. Horan noted, “Incorporating these pillars will help our students develop a critical vision and the skills necessary to strengthen their career opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business climate. In short, it is the next big step in the accomplishment of our mission.

The School of Business & Society is also creating new pathways for undergraduates through 4 + 1 programs leading to MBA and MS in Business Analytics. Additional collaborations are underway with faculty and programs that include business and societal elements.

Long-time supporter of the president of Esri University Jack Dangermond hailed the effort as “a natural evolution that will speak to the changing nature of the business leaders that need to be created.” In this sense, Esri’s recent project $ 250,000 The prize awarded to the school will be used to support research and curriculum development in the application of GIS to improve corporate social responsibility, as well as a new Esri – U of R scholarship for students historically under-represented in order to pursue such ambitions.

Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Steve Wuhs said, “The umbrella of business and society offers students new opportunities and new avenues to strengthen their career opportunities. “

The School of Business & Society will celebrate its launch at an event on November 11th entitled Business for a better world. This event will feature a range of speakers, including: Judy Samuelson, vice-president of the Aspen Institute; Elsa Luna ’04, director of operations and chief financial officer of KPCC radio; and, Cindy elliot, Director of Global Affairs and Corporate Sustainability, Esri. Business for a better world will be held on University of Redlands main campus in person and virtually. Entry is free, but registration is required at

For more information, see the School of Business & Society website.

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