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Relationship between admin, changing company: LG

The LG said J&K’s economy is now growing quite strongly and agricultural reform is the best medicine for sustained growth.

“Our actions focus on improving productivity, competitiveness, removing disparities, diversifying into higher value commodities, expanding agribusiness and value chains,” he said. he declared.

Noting that the relationship between the administration and the society is changing and the people and the government are working out a new mechanism to work together, the LG said farmers and officials should work together and strengthen collaboration to put the agricultural economy on a new growth trajectory and better implementation. of reforms.

“Soil conservation is now a global priority. For better management of agricultural production, investing deeply in soil health, prevention of biodiversity loss is necessary for sustainable growth,” he said. “Individual farmer incomes have grown solidly over the past two years and the pace of reform has recently accelerated, followed by recommendations from the Apex Committee on Holistic Development of Agriculture and Allied Sectors.”

The LG said structural and attitudinal changes are reflected in productivity performance, adaptation of new technologies, expansion of public extension services and strengthening of infrastructure and operations.