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#Reviewing: Africa and the Global Society: Marginality, Conditionality and Conjecture


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[8] Khadiagala, 317. “Bilateral agreements, especially between Spain and West African countries, have failed to stop the flow of African migrants to Europe. Similarly, the EU hastily created FRONTEX, a border patrol force to operate in the Mediterranean, but helicopter patrols and surveillance units off the coasts of Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde and Gambia have been ineffective. The influx of illegal immigrants into Europe has also caused clashes between EU members, as illustrated by the EU summit on migration issues in Tampere, Finland, in September 2006. All these talks, Spain has asked for help to deal with the influx of African migrants, repeatedly declaring that it is unable to cope with the influx: “These people coming from the African continent are knocking on the gateway to the whole of the European Union – we happen to be the closest border country to the African continent”. , President Ricardo Melchior of the Canary Islands threatened “to send these people arriving by small boats to Madrid and Brussels so that they can understand the gravity of the situation”.

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