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Saudi Photographers’ Society launched to train creatives

RIYADH: Fourteen Saudi individuals and two organizations were honored on Saturday at the 10th Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Awards for excellence in community development work in Riyadh.

This year’s event was titled “Creativity and Innovation in Social Work,” which also, for the first time, honored students and principals for their social responsibility initiatives.

Dr Fahad Al-Maghlouth, secretary general of the Princess Seetah organization, said the purpose of the awards was to “discover talent” as part of the Saudi government’s programs to develop the nation.

Princess Nouf bint Abdullah bin Saud Al-Kabeer Al-Saud, chairwoman of the organization’s executive committee and member of its board of directors, said community improvement projects were essential for a healthy society.

In the “Responsible Citizenship” category, several students were honored.

The winner of the elementary school section was pupil Ayed Al-Ruwaili from Turaif in the northern borders, followed by Rima Al-Faris from Riyadh in second and Hisham Al-Maarafi from Medina in third.

The middle school winners were Sally Al-Harbi from Qassim in first place, followed by Adeeb Khadawardi from Makkah and Noura Al-Wadi’i from Jazan.

The high school winners were Samira Al-Maghlouth from Eastern Province, Hanadi Karani from Medina and Amr Al-Baraq from Jazan.

Also for the first time, as part of its “Tanseeq” platform linking governmental, non-governmental, non-profit and private organizations in the field, two community organizations were honored.

The Osraty Association of Medina and the Tawad Association of Al-Jouf were awarded for their family development and counseling programs.

The winners of the Umm Al-Joud Initiative award, for innovation in media and education, were also announced.

First place, for creating a general awareness of the needs of social responsibility in society, was Dr. Abdullah Al-Alawai, who saw his biggest supporter – his grandmother – take the stage and accept the award. in his name.

In second place, Dr. Mushawah Almushawah, who was honored for his awareness of mental health issues.

In third place, Khattaf Al-Khattaf highlighted technological and digital developments in communication.

In fourth and fifth place, Sultan Al-Kulaib for human development awareness and Majid Al-Ghamdi for social media awareness.

Established in 2012 by royal decree, the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Foundation for Excellence in Social Work encourages and supports community betterment programs.