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Society and social issues

Posted on Jul 12, 2021 | Author Cashmere amount

Social problems pose a serious threat to a large number of people in any given society. The list of current social problems in the valley is endless and must be addressed as soon as possible. The negative consequences of any social problem can cause serious damage to the existing social fabric. Social problems disturb the social, economic and psychological balance of a community. Kashmiri society is still sensitive to fundamental moral values ​​and it may take a few more decades to strike the right balance between modernity and culture. Those who call for social reform against the “assault on foreign cultures” need not lecture us on the obvious. What they should do first and foremost is to focus on the economic side of age-old social practices, which have now become so expensive that young boys and girls from poorer backgrounds wait to get married at the latest. Distributing edicts is easy, but coming up with alternatives and solutions is somewhat difficult. But those who pose as reformists in Kashmiri society seem so committed to the fundamentals of religion that they can take no challenge to right the evils our society has plagued over the years. When a young girl does not get a match just because her father cannot afford a big show in the form of jewelry, Wazwan, etc., she is forced to supplement her father’s income and her father is in her business. turn forced to engage in wrongdoing such as bribery. Now that the economic recession has seen gold prices climb to unaffordable levels, the poor (not necessarily the ragged beggars) are the hardest hit as they prepare for their children’s marriage. Most scheduled weddings may not take place this year due to the inflation brought on by the recession caused by the pandemic and the unwritten social law that everyone must engage in varying forms of marriage. dot system. This situation should prompt a response from civil society organizations, NGOs and other social reform platforms. These organizations should expand their reach into meaningful action. The need of the hour is to build a social consensus against dowry, drug addiction and other social ills that prevail in our society. The organization of seminars and conclaves in which a common consensus can evolve that the dowry, in any form whatsoever, can neither be accepted nor demanded, can go a long way in curbing this social evil. Educational institutions can play an important role in educating students about the practice of dowry and other social issues. Tech-savvy students can run “No to the Dowry” campaigns on the Internet through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Getting rid of social ills has become inevitable and is our collective responsibility to lift society out of bad social practices.